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ea0084op-10-51 | Oral Session 10: Young Investigators / Clinical and Translational | ETA2022

Hypocalcemia is a frequent and life-threatening effect during lenvatinib treatment

Trevisan Matteo , Moneta Claudia , Colombo Carla , Giancola Noemi , Persani Luca , Fugazzola Laura , De Leo Simone

Objectives: Lenvatinib treatment is responsible for several adverse events (AEs). Hypocalcemia has been described in the registration study in 7% of patients, being of grade ≥3 in 2.7% of cases. No real-life studies are available, and the actual impact of this AE during Lenvatinib treatment is still unknown. Aim of our study is to evaluate the frequency of hypocalcemia in our series of patients treated with Lenvatinib and the possible predictors of this side effect.<...

ea0084ps3-14-129 | Thyroid Cancer CLINICAL 2 | ETA2022

Hypocalcaemia secondary to lenvatinib induced-hypoparathyroidism: a case-report

Moneta Claudia , Trevisan Matteo , Colombo Carla , Giancola Noemi , Persani Luca , Fugazzola Laura , De Leo Simone

In the last decades, multi-tyrosine-kinase inhibitors (mTKI) have emerged as an effective treatment for radioiodine refractory differentiated thyroid cancer. Due to their pleiotropic mechanism of action, these drugs may cause different side effects. Hypocalcaemia has been reported in up to 35% of patients treated with mTKI, but up to date little is known about its pathophysiology and relevance. We report the case of a 78 years old woman operated on for a papillary thyroid canc...