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ea0049ep243 | Bone & Osteoporosis | ECE2017

Impact of vitamin D on the bone quality assessed by trabecular bone score in men

Mascarenhas Mario Rui , Barbosa Ana Paula , Duarte Nuno , Wessling Ana , Gomes Ana Raquel Coelho , Faria Carolina , Paixao Raquel , Barbosa David , Silvestre Catarina , Poupino Jose , Gomes Vania , Osorio Ana Sofia , Sampaio Francisco , Monteiro Jacinto , Hans Didier , Bicho Manuel , Bugalho Maria Joao

Trabecular bone score (TBS) is a recent noninvasive analytical method, based upon DXA images, related to bone microarchitecture or bone quality; together, TBS and DXA may evidence bone strength. Falls and osteoporotic fractures increase with ageing, while both BMD and vitamin D levels slowly decline. Data about the influence of vitamin D on the TBS are scarce.Aim: To evaluate the influence of the blood vitamin D levels on the TBS in normal men.<p cla...