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ea0081p284 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2022

Ang-Tie pathway in adrenocortical tumors angiogenesis

Oliveira Sofia , Pereira Sofia , Costa Madalena M. , Monteiro Mariana P , Pignatelli Duarte

The majority of adrenocortical tumors (ACT) are benign and hormonally non-functioning, in contrast to adrenocortical carcinomas (ACC), which are rare and usually very aggressive tumors. The differential diagnosis between these two entities is mainly based on unspecific and subjective criteria, contributing to the inaccuracy of diagnosis. Due to ACC molecular and biological heterogeneity, prognostic factors have a limited capacity to predict ACC clinical outcomes, leading to an...

ea0009oc24 | Oral Communication 3: Neuroendocrinology | BES2005

Feeding effects of the gut hormones ghrelin, peptide YY3-36 and oxyntomodulin in lean and obese mice

Druce M , Neary N , Small C , Monteiro M , Thompson E , Ghatei M , Bloom S

The gastric hormone ghrelin stimulates feeding whereas the intestinal hormones peptide YY3-36 (PYY3-36) and oxyntomodulin inhibit feeding. In order to determine whether these gut hormones retain their effects in obesity, they were administered in vivo intraperitoneally to unanaesthetised lean and obese mice. Forty eight C57Bl/6 male mice were randomised to receive either low-fat diet (4.5% fat) or high fat diet (60% fat). After 16 weeks, mice fed o...

ea0008oc10 | Neuroendocrinology and Reproduction | SFE2004

Subcutaneous administration of ghrelin and its effects on food intake in man

Druce MR , Neary NM , Monteiro M , Small C , Ghatei M , Bloom SR

The gastric hormone ghrelin increases appetite and energy intake when administered by intravenous infusion to human subjects and has recently been reported to increase energy intake in patients with anorexia of cancer. Ghrelin also stimulates growth hormone release. We have now investigated whether subcutaneous administration of ghrelin is effective. Approval of the local ethics committee was obtained. Following a preliminary dose-finding study, 16 lean healthy volunteers rece...

ea0003p169 | Growth and Development | BES2002

Familial combined pituitary hormone deficiency by PROP1 gene mutation, in a Portuguese family

Bacelar C , Monteiro M , Vargas G , Lemos M , Regateiro F , Carvalheiro M , Ramos H

Familial combined pituitary hormone deficiency can be due to a PROP 1 gene mutation. PROP1 is essential to pituitary morphogenesis. Mutations with inactivation of this gene results in deficiency of GH, PRL, TSH, LH, FSH and in some cases, ACTH.The authors describe an affected family, two sibs, with panhyopituitarism: a 10 years old female, and a 15 years old male, who presented with growth and pubertary development delay. Both children lacked GH, TSH, PR...

ea0002p79 | Reproduction | SFE2001


Monteiro M , Cardoso H , Vargas G , Mendes P , Sergio A , Santos M , Santos C , Ramos H

Objectives: To evaluate changes in gonadotrophins, total (TT) and free (FT) testosterone, SHBG, insulin and c-peptide levels during weight lost after bariatric surgery.Material and methods: Seven (n=7) patients submitted to bariatric surgery for treatment of severe obesity were followed-up over time. Before surgery mean age was 32,857 (19-56) years old, mean weight was 170,571 kg (± 37,362) and mean BMI was 58,824 kg per m2(± 14,...

ea0004p25 | Clinical case reports | SFE2002


Vargas G , Monteiro M , Santos A , Calhim I , Pina R , Correia M , Lopes V , Carvalho R , Ramos H

Background: Fungal infections are a rare cause of primary adrenal insufficiency, raising difficulties in the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.Case report: A 56 years old diabetic male, who lived in Guinea in 1968, was referred to our inpatients clinic because of a 7,7x3 cm adrenal incidentaloma. He presented with hyperpigmentation, postural symptoms, weakness, fatigue, anorexia and weight loss.The rapid ACTH stimulation test h...

ea0004p63 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | SFE2002

Asymptomatic neuroendocrine pancreatic tumours associated with Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia type 1: what to do?

Monteiro M , Carvalho R , Cavaco B , Cardoso H , Castro R , Santos M , Costa M , Correia M , Ramos H

Background: The screening of patients and relatives for the presence of inactivating mutations of the MEN 1 gene, established quite accurately those for prospective detection of neoplasms. Active search for pancreatic lesions has increased the detection of neuroendocrine pancreatic tumours (NEPT) at early ages, most asymptomatic and with no signs of malignancy at diagnosis.Case Report: We describe one kindred where five members were identified as carrier...

ea0003p224 | Reproduction | BES2002

Improvement of hyperandrogenism and insulin resistance in females with severe obesity after weight loss through bariatric surgery

Monteiro M , Cardoso H , Vargas G , Pichel F , Pereira I , Sergio A , Santos M , Bravo F , Santos C , Ramos H

The association of hyperandrogenism and insulin resistance is common in several syndromes. The proposed mechanism is the stimulation of ovarian theca cells by insulin to produce testosterone. Weight loss, improves insulin resistance, reduces insulin levels and consequently decreases circulating androgens.Material and methods:Ten female subjects with severe obesity and hyperandrogenism were evaluated before and after weight loss at...