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ea0066oc4.5 | Oral Communications 4 | BSPED2019

Novel genetic defects in a cohort of Silver–Russell Syndrome (SRS) and SRS-like patients

Cottrell Emily , Ishida Miho , Moore Gudrun , Storr Helen L

Background: Silver-Russell Syndrome (SRS) is a clinically and genetically heterogenous condition. 40% patients with ‘clinical’ SRS remain without a genetic diagnosis despite fulfilling the Netchine-Harbison Clinical Scoring System (NH-CSS) criteria. There is increasing recognition of the wide range of clinical phenotypes within the SRS spectrum and overlap with other short stature syndromes.Methods: We analysed 26 undiagnosed patients with feat...

ea0058oc5.8 | Oral Communications 5 | BSPED2018

Patients with short stature and GH/IGF-1 insensitivity harbour copy number variants causing a Silver-Russell-like phenotype

Cottrell Emily , Chatterjee Sumana , Moore Gudrun , Ishida Miho , Greening James , Wright Neil , Bossowski Artur , Deeb Asma , Al Basiri Iman , Rose Stephen , Mason Avril , Ahn JooWook , Bint Susan , Savage Martin O , Metherell Louise A , Storr Helen L

Introduction: Our Centre receives international referrals for genetic analysis of children with short stature (SS) and features of GH/IGF-1 insensitivity. Copy number variation (CNV) hasn’t previously been investigated in GH/IGF-1 insensitivity. We hypothesised CNVs contribute to the phenotype in our undiagnosed cohort.Experimental design/methodology: CGH was performed with oligonucleotide array using ~60,000 probes in 60 patients (38 M, mean age 7....