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ea0081ep418 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2022

New-onset diabetes after transplantation (NODAT). A case report

Contreras Pascual Cristina , Gonzalez Lazaro Paloma , Moreno Tirado Antonio , Montero Benitez Maria Zhao , Alvarez Lopez Susana

New-onset diabetes after transplantation (NODAT) is a serious complication after a solid organ transplantation. It has been reported to occur in 4% to 25% of renal transplant recipients, 2.5% to 25% of liver transplant recipients, 40% to 60% of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and 2% to 53% of all solid organ transplantations. The diagnosis is performed using unmodified criteria for diagnosing diabetes in the general population and risk factors are the commonly recognized fac...

ea0081p402 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2022

Central pontine myelinolysis: Case report

Gonzalez Lazaro Paloma , Contreras Pascual Cristina , Montalban Mendez Cristina , Moreno Tirado Antonio , Zhao Montero Benitez Maria , Jimenez Torrecilla Pedro

Introduction: Central pontine myelinolysis (CPM) is a rare and potentially life-threatening complication of a sudden rise in serum osmolality. Along with extrapontine myelinolysis, it is part of the osmotic demyelination syndrome (ODS). Known risk factors include severe hyponatremia, alcoholism, thiazide use, hypokalemia, and malnourishment.Case report: We report the case of a 31-year-old-male with history of alcohol and cannabis dependence, who had atte...

ea0081p756 | Thyroid | ECE2022

Radiofrequency and ethanol ablation for benign thyroid nodules: case series

Jimenez Torrecilla Pedro , Gonzalez Lazaro Paloma , Moreno Tirado Antonio , Montalban Mendez Cristina , Zhao Montero Benitez Maria , del Val Zaballos Florentino , Gomez Garcia Ines

Introduction: Thyroid nodule is a frequent condition, being diagnosed in up to 70% of subjects who had undergone thyroid ultrasound. Around 90-95% of them became being benign and, if the do not cause compressive symptoms or esthetical problems, they do not need specific therapy, only clinical follow up. Traditionally, thyroidectomy has been the main therapeutic option in these cases. Radiofrequency and ethanol ablations are recently introduced non-invasive therapies that permi...

ea0073aep760 | Thyroid | ECE2021

Graves’ Disease after COVID-19

Moreno Tirado Antonio , Paloma González Lázaro , Contreras Pascual Cristina , Montalban Mendez Cristina , Maria Zhao Montero Benítez , Florentino Del Val Zaballos

IntroductionGraves’ Disease is an autoimmune syndrome that include hyperthyroidism, goiter, thyroid eye disease, and occasionally, a dermopathy called pretibial or localized myxedema. As each autoinmune ailment to develop in sufferers with genetic susceptibility after a certain environmental exposure (infection, stress…). COVID-19 can cause both pulmonary and systemic inflammation, potentially determining multi-organ dysfunction. Since the out...

ea0070aep726 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2020

Efficacy and safety of urea in syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone on a secondary hospital

Moreno Tirado Antonio , González Lázaro Paloma , Contreras Pascual Cristina , Montalban Mendez Cristina , Garcia Manzanares Vazquez De Agredos Alvaro , Del Val Zaballos Florentino , Silva Fernandez Julia , Javier Gomez Alfonso Francisco , Rosa Gomez Garcia Ines , Lomas Meneses Amparo

Introduction: The most common cause of hyponatraemia is the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone (SIADH). The diagnosis typically requires hyponatraemia in the setting of reduced serum osmolality, inappropriately concentrated urine with normal sodium excretion levels, and the absence of interfering medications, hypothyroidism and adrenal insufficiency. Unless hypertonic saline is indicated for acute onset profound hyponatraemia and/or with severe symptoms, the mainst...

ea0070aep997 | Thyroid | ECE2020

Case report: Myocardial Infarction after 9 month treatmentwith a tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) with Anti-VEGF receptor activity

González Lázaro Paloma , Contreras Pascual Cristina , Montalbán Méndez Cristina , Moreno Tirado Antonio , Javier Gomez Alfonso Francisco , del Val Zaballos Florentino , Silva Fernández Julia , Gomez Garcia Ines

Introduction: TKIs including anti-VEGF receptor activity have been approved for the treatment of patients with radioiodine resistant thyroid carcinomas. For lenvatinib arterial thromboembolic events are listed as adverse events of special interest. In the phase III study of SELECT trial, arterial thromboembolic events were reported in 3% of lenvatinib-treated patients and 1% in the placebo group. Most of the patients had predisposing factors. Only one myocardial infarct was re...

ea0070ep105 | Bone and Calcium | ECE2020

A case of hyperparathyroidism due to ntrathorcic lipoadenoma

Montalban Mendez Cristina , González Lázaro Paloma , Contreras Pascual Cristina , Moreno Tirado Antonio , Silva Fernández Julia , Javier Gómez Alfonso Francisco , Gómez García Inés

Lipoadenoma is an uncommon benign lesión of the parathyroid gland (<1%) and it has most commonly described as non-functional, but also is a very rare cause of primary hyperparathyroidism. Since 1958 scientific literatura had described 54 cases all over the world and only six of that paratyroid lipoadenomas was extended into torax. A case of intrathoracic parathyroid lipoadenoma with hyperparathyroidism is described. A 69–year–old man was refered to our hos...

ea0070ep555 | Hot topics (including COVID-19) | ECE2020

Maturity-onset diabetes of the young type 5 (MODY 5): A case reporte

Contreras Pascual Cristina , González Lázaro Paloma , Montalbán Méndez Cristina , Moreno Tirado Antonio , Silva Fernández Julia , Gómez García Inés

The diagnosis of atypical non-autoimmune forms of diabetes mellitus, such as maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY) presents several challenges, in view of the extensive clinical and genetic heterogeneity of the disease. In this report we describe a case of atypical non autoimmune diabetes associated with a damaging HNF1β mutation. A 39-years-old woman with normal weight (BMI 20’8 kg/m2), endometriosis, ex-smoker, fatty liver and uterus bicornis unic...

ea0073ep202 | Thyroid | ECE2021

Selpercatinib as an alternative therapy to Lenvatinib for metastatic medullary thyroid cancer. A case report.

Contreras Pascual Cristina , Montalban Mendez Cristina , Moreno Tirado Antonio , Maria Zhao Montero Benítez , Paloma González Lázaro , Julia Silva-Fernández , Florentino Del Val Zaballos , Francisco Javier Gómez Alfonso , Lomas Meneses Amparo , Inés Gómez García

Selpercatinib is a receptor tyrosine kinase RET inhibitor for the treatment of cancers such as RET-mutant medullary thyroid cancer, demonstrating partial response and low incidence of serious adverse events. Vandetanib, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, has shown promising results with an increase in progression-free survival and prolonged lifetime, but it causes adverse events such as hypertension, diarrhea, rash, or long QT interval. Most of them are can be even disabling for the...