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ea0010dp12 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | SFE2005

Spontaneous non-traumatic muscle pain in diabetes

Mousa, A , #Hussein|# , #Daggett a |# , #Coates|#

Diabetic muscle infarction is an unusual complication of poorly controlled diabetes. It presents as an acute painful muscular swelling with difficulty in walking.CaseA 49-year-old man with poorly controlled type 1 diabetes was admitted with a history of sudden painful swelling of the thigh. He was afebrile, with marked tender swelling and inability to extend his knee. His HbA1c 15.6%, FBC, CRP and CK were normal; autoantibodies, an...

ea0006p76 | Thyroid | SFE2003

Urticaria The Presenting Symptom Of Thyrotoxicosis

Mousa A , Knight G

Urticaria and pruritis are rare skin manifestations of thyrotoxicosis, we present a case where the presenting symptom was generalized distressing urticarial rash.CaseA 39-year-old male presented with a history of itchy urticarial rash all over the body, treated unsuccessfully with antihistamines. Ten weeks after its onset he developed weight loss, palpitations and irritability. Blood tests showed him to be thyrotoxic (TSH 0.02 mIU/...

ea0037ep1351 | Endocrine nursing | ECE2015

Offspring of nurses working on irregular shifts are more likely to be underweight and less likely to be obese compared with those working on a regular basis

Marasuna Oya Adsiz , Mousa Umut

Introduction: Like many other hospitals nurses work either on irregular shifts or on regular basis in our centre. Also their education levels differ among them. In this study we aimed to analyse some factors which may affect the children of female nurses’ adiposity.Subjects and methods: We included 100 children of female nurses on duty in our hospital. The ages ranged between 2 months and 17 years.Results: According to standar...

ea0029p717 | Diabetes | ICEECE2012

The outcome of Beta cell function after early insulin therapy in the recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes (in Egyptian population) our experience in EL-Minia university hospital

Mousa Y. , Mohamed A. , Kamel M.

The purpose of this prospective cohort study was to evaluate whether early insulin therapy is more advantageous in achieving long-term optimal glycemic control with improved B cell function than oral drugs in the recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus. Methods: Sixty consecutive patients with recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus were divided into 3 groups.The 1st group received 2 SC injections of premixed insulin. The 2nd group received bed time NPH and 3 injection...

ea0026p464 | Thyroid cancer | ECE2011

Both Follicular and Papillary neoplasms in a patient with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis: complete coincidence?

Mousa U , Tutuncu N B

Even though it is unusual, many cases presenting with combinations of thyroid carcinomas have been reported. Concurrent occurances of medullary – papllary carcinoma, follicular – papillary – medullary carcinoma, follicular – anaplastik – papillary carcinoma, papillary – follicular carcinoma have been presented. The cases reported up to now had no thyroid autoimmunity. We present a case with known Hashimoto’s thyroiditis having a combination o...

ea0077p232 | Neuroendocrinology and Pituitary | SFEBES2021

Dramatic resolution of a pituitary macroadenoma: non-functioning or prolactin-secreting?

Mohamed Mousa Abdusalam , Ashraf Tanveer , Lessan Nader

Background: Non-functioning pituitary tumours can be associated with a modestly elevated prolactin. Response to dopamine agonist therapy in such cases is unusual. Large macroprolactinomas are associated with much higher prolactin levels and respond well to dopamine agonists.Case: We report a 41-year-old man with a pituitary macroadenoma associated with an elevated prolactin of around 2000mIU/l who developed marked resolution in his pituitary MRI images r...

ea0035p289 | Clinical case reports Thyroid/Others | ECE2014

Rhabdomyolysis precipitated acute renal injury during levothyroxine withdrawal for remnant ablation in a case with papillary thyroid cancer

Mousa Umut , Koseoglulari Osman , Sav Hasan

Ever since the approval of recombinant human TSH (rhTSH) prior to remnant ablation and whole body scans, usage of levothyroxine withdrawal for TSH elevation is decreasing. However the readily unavailability of rhTSH in some countries and the cost are its disadvantages. Withdrawal of levothyroxine, however, exposes the subjects to hypothyroidism.A 26-year-old male patient admitted to our hospital for a routine checkup with no symptoms. His TSH level was 7...

ea0032p1104 | Thyroid cancer | ECE2013

Stimulated serum Tg ≥0.285 ng/ml in anti-Tg(−) cases had 3.087 times increased likelihood of recurrence of differentiated thyroid cancer: a single center experience

Yikilmaz Aysun Senturk , Mousa Umut , Nar Asli

Thyroid cancers constitute 2% of all cancer cases most of which are differentiated. Tumor size, lymph node metastases and thyroglobulin levels (Tg) in the follow-up period are among the major factors responsible for recurrence. In this study, we aimed to review our series of differentiated thyroid cancers and establish the risks of recurrence.This study was carried out through a retrospective analysis of 393 differentiated thyroid cancer cases that were ...

ea0028p81 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2012

Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) induced severe symptomatic Hypomagnesaemic Hypoparathyroidism

Rana Subhash , Bangar Vijay , Mousa Abdusalam

We report a case who presented with severe symptomatic hypocalcaemia secondary to Hypomagnesaemic Hypoparathyroidism associated with use of PPI. A fifty-seven years male smoker presented with pins and needles in arms and legs for two months with intermittent attacks of his hand becoming locked and stiff (carpopedal spasm) and calf spasms. He was on long term Omeprazole for Barrett’s oesophagus. He had positive Chvostek’s and Trousseau’s sign. Investigations reve...

ea0015p225 | Pituitary | SFEBES2008

Polycystic ovary syndrome or Cushing’s syndrome or both

Rana Subhash Chander , Mousa A , Bangar V

Objective: We describe a patient who was dealt as a case of polycystic syndrome for about a decade before it was discovered that she was suffering from Cushing’s syndrome because of anterior pituitary adenoma. Our aim is to highlight the fact that even today PCOS ought to be a diagnosis of exclusion and it is vital to rule out other causes with similar features.Case report: Our patient is a 45 years old female who was levelled as a case of PCOS 10 y...