Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea00100wc2.1 | Workshop C: Disorders of the thyroid gland | SFEEU2024

Radiofrequency ablation of toxic thyroid nodule

Muhammad Sadiqi Rana , Lansdown Andrew

Background: Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is an outpatient image-guided thermal ablation procedure that is an alternative to surgery for treating thyroid nodules. It is minimally invasive, cosmetically superior and associated with less risk of hypothyroidism.Case: We discuss a case of 53 years old female who presented with palpitations, feeling hot, sweating, tremors, weight loss, and pins and needles. On examination, thyroid was palpable and there were ...

ea0086p232 | Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes | SFEBES2022

Transient Diabetes mellitus post Covid 19 vaccination

Muhammad Sadiqi Rana , Rao Muhammad , John Evans Peter , Obuobie Kofi

Background: Covid 19 infection has previously been reported to be associated with worsening of pre-existing and new onset diabetes mellitus1. However, the association of new onset autoimmune diabetes mellitus after Covid vaccination is not fully recognised in the literature.History: We report the case of a 58-year-old healthy woman who received a Covid 19 vaccination on 14th of Nov 2021. 2 weeks subsequently she was admitted with headache, blurred vision...

ea0077cc9 | (1) | SFEBES2021

A Puzzling Set of Thyroid Function Tests: Thyroid storm or Secondary Hypothyroidism?

Zubair Ullah Hafiz Muhammad , Davies Sioned , Muhammad Sadiqi Rana , Cozma Lawrence

We report the case of a previously healthy, 40 years old obese male, who was admitted in emergency with complaints of chest pain, shortness of breath and loose stools. His physical examination was relatively unremarkable except for sinus tachycardia and restlessness. He had no history of ischemic heart disease. He was admitted under cardiologists and had various investigations (echocardiogram, stress test and coronary angiogram), all normal. Due to the presentation, thyroid fu...