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ea0096p8 | Section | UKINETS2023

Audit of glycaemic control and assessment in Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumours (pNETS) in Sheffield NET Centre ENETS Centre of Excellence

Pieri Dr. Beatrice , Munir Dr. Alia

Background: There may be a bidirectional association between glycaemia and pNETS. Pre-existing diabetes mellitus(DM) is a recognised risk factor for the development of pNETS. Prevalence of DM in pNETS has been reported as 12-26% depending on patient age and tumour location. DM due to pNETS is classified as type 3C pancreatogenic diabetes, Type 3D caused by hormone disorders or Type 3E induced by medications. Functional pNETS, medical therapies and pancreatic s...

ea0096p20 | Section | UKINETS2023

Carcinoid heart disease in patients unfit for surgery: a case series of medically managed patients

Nosheen Sattar Dr , Nwabunike Dr. Chidinma , Munir Dr. Alia

Background: Carcinoid Heart Disease (CHD) is a well-documented but devastating complication of metastatic neuroendocrine tumours (mNETs). Occurring in approximately 20% of patients with Carcinoid Syndrome (CS) the prognosis is poor, with a 3-year survival of 31% versus 68% in patients with mNETs without CHD1. Management of these patients requires a multidisciplinary approach to manage tumour load via medical and/or surgical options, alongside contro...