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ea0055wc3 | Workshop C: Disorders of the thyroid gland (I) | SFEEU2018

Indeterminate thyroid nodule in a patient with Graves’ disease

Samarasinghe S , Avari P , Muralidhara K

Grave’s disease is an autoimmune mediated thyrotoxicosis which accounts for 50–80% of cases of hyperthyroidism. In addition to non-thyroid organ involvement, presence of thyroid stimulating hormone receptor antibodies (TRAb) or increased uptake on a nuclear scan are diagnostic. Ultrasound typically shows a diffuse enlargement of the thyroid with increased vascularity, but up to 23% of patients are known to have thyroid nodules. Thyroid nodules carry a 4–6% risk ...

ea0055wf2 | Workshop F: Disorders of the gonads | SFEEU2018

Diagnosis and management of functional hypothalamic amenorrhoea – a case report

Samarasinghe S , Avari P , Muralidhara K

Functional hypothalamic amenorrhoea (FHA) is an endocrine disorder secondary to a deficiency of pulsatile gonadatrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) secretion. It is not related to hypothalamus-pituitary organic lesions, endocrine or systemic disease. The clinical profile is dependant on the degree of GnRH suppression – it can range from an inadequate luteal phase to hypothalamic amenorrhoea. The incidence of FHA ranges from 15% to 48% of the secondary amenorrheas. We present...