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ea0014p269 | (1) | ECE2007

Characterization of the rat homologue of the human neuroendocrine marker secretagogin – new functional implications by in vitro studies

Gartner Wolfgang , Vila Greisa , Daneva Teodora , Koc-Saral Felic , Majdic Otto , Nabokih Anastasia , Luger Anton , Wagner Ludwig

Objective: Establishment of rodent in vitro cell systems for the extension of the functional data about the recently cloned neuroendocrine marker secretagogin.Methods: 1. DNA-cloning; 2. Antibody generation; 3. Immunoblotting and Immunohistochemistry; 4. Cell-transfection; 5. Luciferase Reporter Assays; 6. ELISA.Results: 1. We characterized the rat homologue of human secretagogin (rat secretagogin) and demonstrated the homol...