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ea0081p261 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2022

Bilateral adrenal haemorrhage due to e.coli sepsis precipitating adrenal crisis in pregnancy: a case report

Ahmed Nabeel , Nair Sunil

A 25-year-old primi 26 weeks pregnant was admitted with B/L flank pain & pleuritic sounding chest pain. She was septic on initial assessment by the Obstetric team and preliminary investigations revealed high inflammatory markers, raised CRP of 336 & deranged LFTÂ’s. Her USS scan suggested possible hepatitis/cholangitis and blood cultures grew E. coli & she was started on IV Ceftriaxone & metronidazole for the same. At day 3 of her admission, she started det...

ea0013p215 | AMEND Young Investigator's Award | SFEBES2007

Post-partum hypoglycaemia; a rare presentation of insulinoma

Nair Sunil , Winocour Peter

A 30-year-old woman, presented 3 weeks postpartum, with episodes of sweating, dizziness and confusion, which occurred a few hours after eating and also on waking. At consultation she became vacant and lost consciousness. Her capillary blood glucose was found to be 1.2 mmol/l and she promptly responded to intravenous glucose administration. There was a history of several similar, but less severe episodes which required frequent feeding to avoid them. Her liver function and pitu...

ea0015p364 | Thyroid | SFEBES2008

Hypothyroidism and hyponatraemia: diagnostic relevance of ADH measurement

Khan Azhar , Nair Sunil , Waldron Julian , Davies Marten , Heald Adrian

Background: Hyponatraemia is one of most common electrolyte abnormalities in acutely ill elderly patients. Severe hypothyroidism is often associated with hyponatraemia. The mechanism of hyponatraemia in hypothyroidism is not fully understood. It is suggested that hypothyroidism induces hyponatraemia either by inappropriate release of ADH or by decrease in GFR. Regardless of the mechanism, the net effect is impairment of water excretion. We report a case of severe hypothyroidis...

ea0015p242 | Pituitary | SFEBES2008

Macroprolactin: role of serial measurement through pregnancy

Nair Sunil , Blantern Liz , Radford Daniela , Davies Marten , Kane John , Heald Adrian

Background: Recent studies have indicated that macroprolactinaemia accounts for up to 26% of biochemical hyperprolactinaemia depending on the assay in use. Delayed metabolic clearance of macroprolactin together with detection by most automated prolactin immunoassay systems leads to pseudo-hyperprolactinemia in patients harbouring this form of complexed prolactin.We here describe the use of serial macroprolactin measurement to assist in the management of ...

ea0013p322 | Thyroid | SFEBES2007

Audit of follow-up after radio-iodine treatment for hyperthyroidism in East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

Nair Sunil , Hossain Sharif , Lumbers Tom , Walker Rebecca , Winocour Peter , Makepeace Alan , Ainsworth Ann

Objective: To assess adherence to RCP guidelines on radioiodine (RAI) treatment (1995) and management of thyroid eye disease, and also to look at patterns of thyroid function following RAI treatment.Method: Retrospective case notes review of 78 randomly selected patients from one acute trust. An audit performa was developed, based on the RCP guidelines.Results: The audit demonstrated significant deviations from standards. Communica...