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ea0087p3 | Poster Presentations | UKINETS2022

Manipulating the composition of the culture medium promotes neuroendocrine cell differentiation in mouse and human gastric organoids

Exarchou Klaire , Duckworth Carrie , Stephens Nathan , Howes Nathan , Mark Pritchard David

Aim: Organoid cultures are a powerful model system for the study of cell biology and human disease. Manipulation of the composition of the culture medium has been used to promote cellular differentiation in gastric organoids to allow more accurate modelling of the mature epithelial cells present in the stomach. However, methods to promote the differentiation of neuroendocrine cells and specifically enterochromaffin-like (ECL)-cells within a gastric organoid system have not yet...

ea0044p130 | Neoplasia, cancer and late effects | SFEBES2016

Diagnostic performance of adrenal imaging in a high risk population for adrenal malignancy

Delivanis Danae , Nathan Mark , Atwell Thomas , Eiken Patrick , Schmit Grant , Natt Neena , Erickson Dana , Maraka Spyridoula , Young William , Bancos Irina

Objective: There is limited evidence on the diagnostic accuracy of imaging tests in patients at high risk for adrenal malignancy. Our objective was to determine the performance of computed tomography (CT) and 18FDG-PET/CT imaging in diagnosing a malignant adrenal mass in a high risk population of patients referred for CT-guided adrenal biopsy.Methods: We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of 378 patients who had percutaneous adrenal ...