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ea0049ep640 | Growth hormone IGF axis - basic | ECE2017

Insulin resistance and acromegaly: about 15 cases

Nawal El Ansari , Askaoui Sara

Contexte: Acromegaly is a rare disease, usually caused by hypersecretion of growth hormone (GH) by a pituitary adenoma and very rarely by ectopic secretion of GHRH. It remains a serious disease reduces life expectancy because of its cardiovascular and metabolic impact.Objective: The objective of this study is to report the glycemic profile in patients followed for acromegaly in the endocrinologic center of CHU Med VI of Marrakech.P...

ea0049ep888 | Male Reproduction | ECE2017

Delayed puberty revealing an uncommon genetic disease: about one case

Nawal El Ansari , Askaoui Sara

Contexte: Kallmann syndrome is a rare genetic disease which can affect both men and women. It combines hypogonadotropic hypogonadism which characterised by a failure to start or to fully complete puberty naturally; olfactory disorders such hyposmia or anosmia, impaired color vision, deafness, unilateral or bilateral renal aplasia and midline anomalies.Objective: We report a case of this rare syndrome, responsible of delayed puberty view of infertility.</...

ea0056p1087 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2018

When thyroid pathology becomes an emergency: about four cases

Bahia Habra , Ghizlane Elmghari , Nawal El Ansari

Introduction: The thyroid emergency is a rare and life-threatening condition. These are severe complications of benign thyroid disease.Patients and method: We report cases of thyroid pathology constituting an emergency and have been collected over 2 years in the department of endocrinology of the CHU Mohammed VI of Marrakech.Results: Four cases of thyroid emergency were reported: three cases of acute thyrotoxic cri...

ea0056ep17 | Adrenal and Neuroendocrine Tumours | ECE2018

Adrenal ganglioneurosis

Bahia Habra , Ghizlane Elmghari , Nawal El Ansari

Introduction: Ganglioneuromes are benign tumors from neural crest cells, most often located in the posterior mediastinum and retroperitoneum, and are rarely localized in the adrenal gland. We report the case of a patient.Ho was referred to the incidental alert serviceObservation: We report the case of a 45-year-old patient followed by a benign colic sigmoid polypeptide with epigastralgia for which a pelvic abdomino CT scan was requested, demonstrating a ...

ea0056ep128 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2018

Epidermoid cyst of the sella turcica: about a case

Bahia Habra , Ghizlane Elmghari , Nawal El Ansari

Introduction: Epidermoid cyst (EC) or cholesteatoma is a benign tumor, often of congenital origin. It accounts for 1% of intracranial tumors and is mainly located at the ponto-cerebellar angle and suprasellar, EC takes the aspect of a beaded tumor with nodular surface and white pearly color simulating candle wax. The treatment is surgical taking into account the substitution of endocrine pituitary deficits in this form of description.Patient and observat...

ea0081ep83 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2022

Giant pheochromocytoma: wich management?

Ijdda Sara , Sana Rafi , El Mghari Ghizlane , Nawal El Ansari

Introduction: Malignant pheochromocytomas present a real challenge for practitioners. This entity of tumors is rare, with complex characterization, and heterogenocity in their evolution and prognosis. Given the rarity of this tumor group, there is no consensus on the therapeutic management. The management must be in a multidisciplinary framework. Through this illustrative case, we propose a literature review of this rare entity with discussion of the different therapeutic opti...

ea0049ep379 | Cardiovascular Endocrinology and Lipid Metabolism | ECE2017

Isolated low HDL-Cholesterol in patients with type 2 diabetes about 168 cases

Nawal El Ansari , Bahia Habra , Ghizlane El Mghari

Introduction: Lipid abnormalities in diabetics both quantitative and qualitative contribute to the increased cardiovascular risk.Aim: The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of isolated hyoHDLémie in type 2 diabetics and assess cardiovascular risk in two populations of type 2 diabetes with and without Low HDL-Cholesterol isolated.Patients and methods: Prospective study started in diabetic patients seen in diab&#23...

ea0049ep387 | Clinical case reports - Thyroid/Others | ECE2017

Dyslipidemia and antiretroviral therapy: a case report

Ghizlane El Meghari , Meryam Elbahi , Sana Rafii , Nawal El Ansari

Introduction: The use of highly active antiretroviral therapy in 1996 helped greatly reduce the morbidity and mortality in patients infected by HIV. Very quickly, secondary metabolic complications to this same treatment have been described. Dyslipidemia occupy a large part of these complications and give the patients an atherogenic profile favouring the occurrence of acute coronary events. We report a case that illustrates the lipid abnormalities associated with anti retrovira...

ea0049ep488 | Diabetes (to include epidemiology, pathophysiology) | ECE2017

The upper limb infection in diabetic patients (about 32 cases)

Nawal El Ansari , Bahia Habra , Ghizlane El Mghari

Introduction: The diabetic patient is vulnerable to infection compared to the general population. This is due to the deleterious effect of hyperglycemia on the basis of chemotaxis, phagocytosis and bactericide neutrophils → What weakens the defenses of the diabetic person to infections. Infections of the upper limb in diabetics are not uncommon, and are often characterized by severity and often unfavorable developments. The objective of this work: determine the prevalenc...

ea0049ep1337 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2017

Autoimmune thyroiditis in patients with latent autoimmune diabetes of adults (LADA)

Nawal El Ansari , Zaher Fatima Zahra , Elmghari Ghizlane

Introduction: Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) is an endocrine disorder characterized by a progressive destruction of pancreatic beta cells by an autoimmune mechanism leading to absolute insulin deficiency. In patients with an autoimmune endocrine disease, there is a high risk of development of another autoimmune endocrine disorder. The purpose of our work is to assess the prevalence of thyroid autoimmunity among our LADA patients.Patients and...