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ea0035p646 | Female reproduction | ECE2014

BMP15 gene dosage as a relevant X-linked determinant of ovarian development and function

Rossetti Raffaella , Negri Irene , Castronovo Chiara , Finelli Palma , Persani Luca

The X-linked genes accounting for the determination of the ovarian function are still undefined. In the last few years, a large interest has been dedicated to the BMP15 gene. BMP15 gene encodes for a TGFβ-like growth factor of oocyte origin with a critical role in female fertility in mammals and several other species. This gene maps to a locus on the short arm of X chromosome were locates several traits of TS, including ovarian failure. Several missense variations have be...

ea0032oc3.3 | Thyroid | ECE2013

ESE Young Investigator Award

Grassi Elisa Stellaria , Vezzoli Valeria , Negri Irene , Persani Luca

Poorly differentiated thyroid cancers are associated with variable types of p53 function derangements and bad prognosis due to the lack of effective treatments. SP600125 is a widely used JNK-inhibitor which recently showed anticancer properties in a p53 related way. Here, we tested the effect of SP600125 on four different thyroid cancer cell lines derived from PDTCs and ATCs with different p53 status.We analyzed the effects on cellular replication and ap...