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ea0019p329 | Steroids | SFEBES2009

Testosterone deficiency in the testicular feminised mouse model is significantly associated with the development of liver steatosis: a mechanism that is independent of the androgen receptor

Dugdale C , Nettleship J , Jones TH

To determine the role of testosterone on liver fat deposition using the testicular feminised mouse (Tfm) model. The Tfm does not have a functional androgen receptor (AR) and low circulating levels of testosterone due to associated 17╬▒hydroxylase deficiency.Liver tissue was obtained after 24 weeks of feeding with a cholesterol enriched diet from the following groups: (1) XY placebo-treated (littermate control), (2) Tfm placebo, (3) XY castrate placeb...

ea0009p19 | Diabetes and metabolism | BES2005

Cholesterol feeding induces fatty streak formation in the testicular feminised mouse

Nettleship J , Jones R , Channer K , Jones T

Introduction: Low endogenous testosterone is associated with atherosclerosis in elderly men. The aim of this study was to determine whether an inactive androgen receptor (AR) coupled with testosterone deficiency, inherent to the testicular feminised (Tfm) mouse, is associated with atherosclerosis following cholesterol feeding.Methods: Eight-week-old Tfm (n=34) and XY (n=32) littermate controls were fed for 16, 20, 24 or 28 weeks on either diet 1 (compris...

ea0009p136 | Steroids | BES2005

Establishment of physiological and supra-physiological testosterone dosing regimen in mice

Nettleship J , Jones R , Channer K , Jones T

Objective: The aim of this study was to determine dosing regimen to replace testosterone to physiological levels in the testicular feminised (Tfm) mouse, and also to produce similar supraphysiological testosterone concentrations in Tfm and XY littermates.Methods: Eight-week-old Tfm (n=66) and XY littermate controls (n=24) received a single 10 microlitre intramuscular injection of testosterone (Sustanon 100 - 100 milligrams testosterone per litre, or Sust...

ea0006p26 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | SFE2003

The relationship between serum levels of testosterone and inflammatory cytokines in men wih coronary artery disease

Nettleship J , Jones R , Pugh P , Channer K , Jones T

Evidence supports a protective role for testosterone in men with coronary artery disease (CAD) and in the regulation of cytokine function. This study examined the relationship between serum levels of inflammatory cytokines and testosterone in men with CAD. Serum was collected from 69 men (59+1 years) having >75% occlusion of 1 (n=20), 2 (n=18) or 3 (n=31) coronary arteries. Levels of total testosterone (TT), bioavailable testosterone (BT), tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNFa...

ea0007p208 | Steroids | BES2004

The testicular feminised mouse: physiological testosterone replacement

Nettleship J , Biggins C , Jones R , English K , Channer K , Jones T

Testicular feminised (Tfm) mice bear an X-linked, single base pair deletion in the gene encoding the classical androgen receptor(1) consequently these animals express a truncated, non-functional form of the receptor protein. Affected animals (XTfmY) are rendered insensitive to actions mediated via this receptor. The Tfm mouse is therefore an excellent model for studying non-genomic testosterone signalling mechanisms. Unfortunately, Tfm mice are also deficient in the...