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ea0011p403 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | ECE2006

Low endogenous testosterone induces fatty streak formation following cholesterol feeding in the testosterone deficient testicular feminised mouse and castrated male

Nettleship JE , Jones RD , Biggins CM , Channer KS , Jones TH

Low endogenous testosterone is associated with atherosclerosis in elderly men. The aim of this study was to examine the role of the androgen receptor (AR) in the development of atherosclerosis and determine whether an inactive AR coupled with testosterone deficiency, inherent to the testicular feminised (Tfm) mouse, is associated with atherosclerosis following cholesterol feeding compared to surgically-castrated male littermates with AR intact.Ten-week-o...

ea0011p404 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | ECE2006

Testosterone replacement reduces aortic fatty streak formation in testosterone deficient Tfm mice following feeding on a cholesterol-enriched diet

Nettleship JE , Jones RD , Biggins CM , Channer KS , Jones TH

We have previously shown that Tfm mice which have a non-functional androgen receptor (AR) and low endogenous levels of testosterone exhibit increased fatty streak formation within the aortic root. The aim of the present study was to administer varying degrees of testosterone to these animals in comparison to littermate controls to determine the role of the AR in the anti-atherogenic action of testosterone.Eight-week-old Tfm mice (n=24) and XY litt...