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ea0038p352 | Reproduction | SFEBES2015

I.v. and s.c. infusions of kisspeptin-54 stimulate gonadotrophin release similarly in healthy women

Narayanaswamy Shakunthala , Jayasena Channa , Ng Noel , Ratnasabapathy Risheka , Papadopoulou Deborah , Prague Julia , Abbara Ali , Comninos Alexander , Bloom Stephen , Dhillo Waljit

Background: Kisspeptin stimulates hypothalamic GnRH secretion resulting in gonadotrophin release and has the potential as a future therapeutic for infertility. Previous studies have observed that kisspeptin increases LH and to a lesser degree FSH when administered to healthy women, which may limit its therapeutic potential. However, studies in women with hypothalamic amenorrhoea show that i.v. infusions of kisspeptin-54 stimulated both LH and FSH equally. Chronic s.c. infusion...