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ea0022p445 | Endocrine tumours &amp; neoplasia (<emphasis role="italic">Generously supported by Novartis</emphasis>) | ECE2010

The use of receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors in metastatic differentiated thyroid carcinoma

Gkountouvas Anastasios , Kostoglou-Athanassiou Ifigenia , Veniou Eirini , Thomas Dimitrios , Aggelopoulou Anastasia , Nikas Marios , Ziras Nicolaos , Kaldrymides Philippos

The management of metastatic differentiated thyroid carcinoma included until recently the use of therapeutic 131I, radiotherapy and in specific cases chemotherapy. However, recently new agents entered in the management of differentiated metastatic thyroid carcinoma which aim at specific cell receptors and inhibit the growth of the carcinoma in a specific and targeted way.The aim was to present the experience of the use of the receptor tyrosine...

ea0022p854 | Thyroid | ECE2010

Differentiated thyroid carcinoma in young adults

Gkountouvas Anastasios , Kostoglou-Athanassiou Ifigenia , Pappas Anastasios , Veniou Eirini , Nikas Marios , Aggelopoulou Anastasia , Thomas Dimitrios , Kaldrymides Philippos

Differentiated thyroid carcinoma represents a small percentage of human carcinomas. However, it is the commonest endocrine neoplasm and if diagnosed and treated properly does not affect the long-term survival of the patients.Aim: The aim was to study differentiated thyroid carcinoma affecting young adults.Patients and methods: All patients presenting with thyroid carcinoma to the department from 01.01.2002 to 31.12.2008 were review...