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ea0041ep538 | Diabetes therapy | ECE2016

Liraglutide as additional treatment to insulin in patient with latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA): a case report

Silko Iuliia , Nikonova Tatiana , Shestakova Marina

Introduction: LADA exhibits characteristics of both type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM) and type 2 DM. Patients with LADA usually have some components of metabolic syndrome. GLP-1 agonists have been widely used in type 2 DM. GLP-1 agonist therapies have shown some promising glucose lowering effect in T1DM. Almost no information is available on glucagon and incretin secretion in patients with LADA as well as effects on glucose and C-peptide levels.Case report: ...

ea0022p341 | Diabetes | ECE2010

Role of regulatory T-cells in the development of the partial remission period in patients with type 1 diabetes

Nikonova Tatiana , Gorelysheva Vera , Prokofiev Sergey , Pekareva Elena , Dedov Ivan

Background and aims: Remission period in type 1 diabetes (T1D), also known as the honeymoon period has been acknowledged as an advantageous time for immune intervention. However, not all subjects will go through this remission phase. It was suspected that defects in regulatory T-cells number and activity are causally related to the development of T1D.The aim of the study was to find specific T-cell assay that reflects remission period.<p class="abste...