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ea0084ps3-13-116 | Pregnancy & Iodine | ETA2022

Iodine status in danish pregnant women after an increase in iodine fortification: a regional study

Knosgaard Louise , Andersen Stig , Bo Hansen Annebirthe , Nodgaard Sorensen Anne , Vestergaard Peter , Linding Andersen Stine

Objectives: The Danish population was previously iodine deficient with regional differences, and a mandatory iodine fortification of salt was introduced more than 20 years ago. Despite iodine fortification and frequent use of iodine-containing supplements, the iodine status in Danish pregnant women was insufficient when evaluated in 2012 (median urinary iodine concentration (UIC): 101 µg/l). From July 1, 2019 the authorities implemented a mandatory increase from 13 to 20 ...