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ea0038p141 | Growth and development | SFEBES2015

Inter-correlations between placental genes regulating foetal glucocorticoid exposure and IGF2 in maternal severe obesity: a mechanism for higher birthweight?

Mina Theresia , Riley Simon , Norman Jane , Reynolds Rebecca

Background: Maternal obesity in pregnancy associates with higher birthweight. A key pathway is through placental regulation of hormones controlling foetal growth. As excess foetal glucocorticoid exposure associates with lower birthweight and since placental Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF2) may be modulated by glucocorticoids, we hypothesised that the expression profiles of placental genes leading to reduced glucocorticoid exposure and increased IGF2 mRNA level correlate with ...

ea0037oc7.3 | Neuroendocrinology and pituitary-basic | ECE2015

Maternal distress associates with placental genes regulating foetal glucocorticoid exposure and IGF2: role of obesity and sex

Mina Theresia , Raikkonen Katri , Riley Simon , Norman Jane , Reynolds Rebecca

Introduction: Maternal distress, including poorer life satisfaction, increased anxiety and depression (A&D) symptoms, are worse in Severely Obese (SO) than lean pregnancy and may alter placental genes regulating foetal glucocorticoid exposure and placental growth. We hypothesised that the associations between increased maternal distress with changes in placental mRNA levels leading to a reduced placental barrier to maternal glucocorticoids, and altered placental IGF2, are ...

ea0059p174 | Obesity & metabolism | SFEBES2018

Placental DNA methylation is associated with infant adiposity but is not altered with metformin exposure

Yang Liu , Aldhous Marian , Chiswick Carolyn , Norman Jane , Denison Fiona , Drake Amanda , Reynolds Rebecca

Background: Metformin is widely used for treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus. Metformin is considered safe in pregnancy but crosses the placenta. The limited available data of follow-up of children exposed to metformin in utero suggests potential for increased adiposity but mechanisms are unknown. As placental DNA methylation has been linked to later obesity and metformin causes global DNA methylation changes in cancer cell lines we hypothesised that this may be a candi...

ea0028p199 | Obesity, diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | SFEBES2012

Clinical and metabolic profiles of very severely obese pregnant women and their associations with birth weight

Forbes Shareen , Reynolds Rebecca , Harold Graham , Howie Forbes , Denison Fiona , Norman Jane

Introduction: During gestation diminished maternal insulin sensitivity (IS) increases the availability of fuels allowing fetal growth. Very severe obesity (Class III obesity (OB), BMI≥40 kg/m2) is associated with reduced IS but it is 28 how nutrient availability differs and how this impacts on birth weight versus normal pregnancies (CON). Methods: 213 OB (median (interquartile range) 43.2(41.1–46.3) kg/m2) and 87 CON (BM...