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ea0090p642 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2023

Abdominal pain in pediatric diabetic ketoacidosis: a single center study

Suchok Svitlana , Yakymenko Oleksandr

Background: Despite typical constitutional findings (polyuria, weight loss, and polydipsia), clinical presentation of diabetic ketoacidosis also includes nausea, frequent vomiting and abdominal pain. Moreover, diffuse abdominal tenderness and diminished or absent peristalsis might mimic acute abdomen in pediatric patients. There is paucity of published data regarding prevalence, dynamics and associated laboratory findings in pediatric patients with abdominal pain in DKA.<p...

ea0099ep672 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2024

Impact of cakut syndrome and UTI on pediatric BMI

Suchok Svitlana , Yakymenko Oleksandr , Gupta Nitin

Background: Several recent studies suggest that continuous low-dose antibiotics prophylaxis used in VUR may affect the growth of children. Guidos P.J. et al. (2018) found a significant increase in BMI in children who had prior antibiotic usage. CAKUT syndrome involves both the kidney and urinary tract and generally is associated with antibiotic therapy among pediatric patients and metabolism of waste products.Aim: We aimed to evaluate the impact...