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ea0022p713 | Obesity | ECE2010

Gastric inhibitory polypeptide (GIP) suppresses circulating ghrelin in humans: plasma metabolome based correlation network analysis for support of hormone-to- hormone interactions

Rudovich Natalia , Nikiforova Victoria J , Otto Baerbel , Pivovarova Olga , Gogebakan Ozlem , Weickert Martin O , Nauck Michael A , Pfeiffer Andreas F H

Aims: We investigate the influence of GIP on ghrelin secretion in normal glucose tolerant individuals with the use of the firstly applied correlation network analysis on human plasma metabolome data.Methods: To address this issue, we employed a GIP-infusion test and euglycemic- and hyperglycemic glucose clamp experiments combined with infusion of GIP or placebo in a cross-over manner in non diabetic obese male subjects (n=14). Moreover, we firstly...

ea0056p581 | Obesity | ECE2018

Plasma metabolomic markers of insulin resistance in humans.

Pivovarova Olga , Gahwiler Roman , Nikiforova Viktoria , von Loffelholz Christian , Lisec Jan , Erban Alexander , Zerkiebel Nic , Willmitzer Lothar , Pfeiffer Andreas F H , Weickert Martin O , Rudovich Natalia N

Introduction: Insulin resistance (IR), a pathological state of low sensitivity to insulin in humans and animlas, is closely associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus, obesity and cardiovasculare dieseas. IR can be quantified using detailed protocols, such as the euglycemic-hyperinsulinemic clamp (EC) technique and the intravenous glucose tolerance test, or based on indices derived from the oral glucose tolerance test. Although these indices showed greater association with the i...

ea0041oc12.3 | Obesity | ECE2016

Effects of weight loss and long-term weight maintenance with diets varying in protein and glycemic index on circulating pro-neurotensin in the Diet, Obesity, and Genes (DiOGenes) Study: a randomized, controlled trial

Rudovich Natalia , Bernigau Wolfgang , Pivovarova Olga , Osterhoff Martin , Sparwasser Andrea , Bergmann Andreas , Struck Joachim , van Baak Marleen A , Jebb Susan A , Papadaki Angeliki , Alfredo Martinez J , Handjieva-Darlenska Teodora , Kunesova Marie , Hager Jorg , Valsesia Armand , Viguerie Nathalie , Langin Dominique , Astrup Arne , Saris Wim H M , Pfeiffer Andreas F H

Aims: Elevated levels of neurotensin (NT), a neurotransmitter and postprandial secreted intestinal hormone, are associated with an increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and breast cancer. Here we studied the regulation of circulating pro-NT (a stable NT precursor fragment) by weight loss and dietary interventions.Methods: DiOGenes is a pan-European controlled dietary intervention study in overweight adults who first lost body weight on an 8-...