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ea0014p123 | (1) | ECE2007

A case report of ectopic Cushing’s disease presented with trombocytopenia

Ozgil Yetkin Demet , Zuhur Sayid S , Kara Ekrem , Gurel Sayin Ayla , Oz Buge , Tasan Ertugrul

PURPOSE: To report a case of Cushing’s syndome caused by ectopic ACTH secretion related to a thymic carcinoid presented with trombositopenia.CASE: years old male presented with fatigue, skin rash. At presentation, physical findings showed Cushingoid appearance, with moon face, hyperpigmentation, easy bruising and buffalo hump. His laboratory findings showed platelet: 90.000 (150.000–450.000), ACTH: 609 pg/ml (0–46 pg/ml), baseline cortisol...