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ea0056ep44 | Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism | ECE2018

Are plasmathyrotropin levels associated with degree of obesity and metabolic syndrome in euthyroid obese patients?

Bakiner Okan Sefa , Bozkirli Emre , Cavlak Gulhan , Ozsahin Kursad , Ertorer Melek Eda

We aimed to observe the association between degree of obesity and metabolic syndrome and plasma thyrotropin levels in obese, euthyroid patients. 947 obese and overweight patients who admitted to our outpatient clinic were assessed retrospectively. 150 healthy euthyroid cases were also recruited as the control group. Cases with metabolic syndrome were determined. Patients were divided into various subgroups as overweight, obese, morbid obese, men, and women. No statistical sign...