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ea0009oc38 | Oral Communication 5: Thyroid | BES2005

Anti-TNFa therapy inhibits TNFa-dependent ICAM1 up-regulation in orbital fibroblasts from patients with thyroid associated ophthalmopathy

Cawood T , Moriarty P , Golden-Mason L , O'Farrelly C , O'Shea D

Thyroid Associated Ophthalmopathy (TAO) is an autoimmune inflammatory condition that usually occurs in patients with Graves' disease. Current treatment for TAO is inadequate and anti-cytokine agents may represent a potential new therapeutic strategy. Orbital fibroblasts are central to the disease mechanism, and have been shown by immunohistochemisty to up-regulate adhesion molecule ICAM1 expression in response to certain cytokines including TNFalpha.In t...