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ea0090ep794 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2023

MAFLD prevalence in a cohort of patients with Cushing’s disease

Remon Pablo , Gutierrez Ana Pinar , Moreno Eva Venegas , Dios-Fuentes Elena , Gonzales David Cano , Romero-Gomez Manuel , Soto-Moreno Alfonso

Objectives: To describe the prevalence of liver steatosis in a cohort of patients with Cushing’s disease.Methods: Cross-sectional descriptive study. We included 59 patients with Cushing’s disease from our cohort of patients who underwent a Fibroscan to analyze the degree of hepatic steatosis (CAP measured in dB/m) and liver fibrosis (fibrosis measured in kPa). Biochemical algorithms of liver steatosis and fibrosis were assessed.<p class="ab...

ea0090ep675 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2023

Metabolic and surgical outcomes of adult patients with craniopharyngiomapatients undergoing extended transsphenoidal surgery (ETS) at a referral center

Pinar Gutierrez Ana , Dios Elena , Venegas-Moreno Eva , Remon Pablo , Oulad Ahmed Bothayna , Kaen Ariel , Cardenas Eugenio , Fajardo Elena , Cano Gonzales David , Soto-Moreno Alfonso

Objectives: To describe the metabolic and surgical outcomes of adult patients with craniopharyngioma undergoing extended transsphenoidal surgery (ETS). Secondary: to compare surgical outcomes with patients undergoing conventional transcranial surgery (CTS).Methods: Retrospective observational study. Adult patients with craniopharyngiomas undergoing ETS between 2015 and 2020 were included. Descriptive analysis was performed by obtaining median and quartil...

ea0070aep350 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2020

PHIGNA-DM2 study: Fatty liver and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis prevalence in type 2 diabetes in an andalusian cohort

Jesús Martínez Ortega Antonio , Remon Pablo , Deniz Garcia Alejandro , Ampuero Javier , Romero-Gomez Manuel , Pablo Garcia-Luna Pedro , Soto-Moreno Alfonso

Introduction: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is an underdiagnosed complication in Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). This condition can evolve into steatohepatitis (NASH) and more severe entities such as liver cirrhosis and hepatic failure, being currently the first cause for liver transplantation in our environment. In Andalusian T2D patients, the exact prevalence is still unknown. Our aim is to assess the prevalence of NAFLD/NASH in a cohort of these patients.<p class="ab...

ea0070aep658 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2020

Prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in patients with Cushing disease (CD)

Remon Pablo , Venegas-Moreno Eva , Deniz-Garcia Alejandro , Millan Raquel , Dios-Fuentes Elena , Martin Natalia , Rico Maria C , Madrazo Ainara , Romero-Gómez Manuel , Soto-Moreno Alfonso

Introduction: The prevalence and comorbidities of NAFLD in CD are unknown. There is only one study wich set the prevalence of NAFLD by CT images in 20%1.Objectives: Describe the prevalence of NAFLD and fibrosis in CD and analize predictive biomarkers of NAFLDMethods: Transversal descriptive study. 31 patients with CD; 11 active, 20 cured. Women 24 (77%), men 7 (23%). 54 years mean age. NAFLD was valorated by Hepatic Stea...

ea0056p756 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2018

Pituitary abscesses diagnosis and therapeutic approach in a reference unit

Cozar Miriam , Venegas Eva , Dios Elena , Cano David , Madrazo Ainara , Remon Pablo , Jimenez Enrique , Roldan Florinda , Cardenas Eugenio , Kaen Ariel , Soto Alfonso

Introduction: Pituitary abscess (PA) is a rare condition, representing less than 1% of pituitary lessions. Only around 200 cases have been reported in the scientific literature. Preoperative diagnosis is often challenging due to nonspecific clinical and radiological manifestations.Materials and methods: Retrospective descriptive cohort study. We analyze demographic and clinical variables, hormonal involvement, recurrence, type of surgery and antibiotic t...

ea0090rc6.3 | Rapid Communications 6: Endocrine-related Cancer | ECE2023

Efficacy and safety of temozolomide in the treatment of aggressive pituitary neuroendocrine tumours in Spain

Lamas Cristina , Remon Pablo , Soto-Moreno Alfonso , Fajardo-Montanana Carmen , Biagetti Betina , Guerrero Fernando , Castro Marta Araujo , Mora Mireia , Hanzu Felicia Alexandra , Iglesias Pedro , Garcia Centeno Rogelio , Camara-Gomez Rosa

Introduction: Current guidelines propose temozolomide (TMZ) as the first-line chemotherapy for aggressive pituitary neuroendocrine tumors (PitNETs), but no clinical trials have been conducted and clinical experience in this context is limited.Patients and methods: A retrospective study of patients with aggressive pitNETs treated with TMZ was conducted by the members of the Neuroendocrinology Working Area of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrit...

ea0090p542 | Late-Breaking | ECE2023

Characterization of RNA expression and clinical outcomes in patients with aggresive pituitary tumors treated with temozolomide

Venegas Moreno Eva , Remon Pablo , Dios-Fuentes Elena , Pinar Gutierrez Ana , Manuel Canelo Juan , Oliva Rosario , Alonso-Garcia Miriam , Cardenas Eugenio , Kaen Ariel , G-Garcia Miguel E. , Cano Gonzales David , Luque Raul M. , Soto-Moreno Alfonso

Methods: Descriptive retrospective study of the clinical outcomes and RNA expression in aggressive pituitary tumors treated with temozolomide. RNA expression was studied in tumor samples normalized to housekeeping genes including GH, POMC, PRL, αsub, FSH, LH, TSH, sst1, sst2, sst3, sst5, sst5b, sst5c, DR1, DR2T, DR2L, DR4, DR5, Ghrelin, In1-Ghrelin, GOAT, GHRR1b, AVPR1b, GHRH-R, GnRH-R, Ki-67, PTTG1, CRHR1.Results: Ten patients were treated. 30% (3)...

ea0070aep684 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2020

Evaluation of somatostatin and dopamine receptor expression in nonfunctioning pituitary adenomas

Cano Gonzales David , Flores-Martinez Alvaro , Venegas Moreno Eva , Dios Elena , Remon Pablo , Deniz-Ruiz Alejandro , Madrazo-Atutxa Ainara , Luque Raul M. , Castaño Justo P. , Soto-Moreno Alfonso

Introduction: Non-functioningpituitary adenomas (NFPAs) are of benign nature but a sizeable number of NFPAs show aggressive features. Surgery is not always effective in treating NFPAs and thus other therapeutic options are needed. Previous studies have reported that NFPAs express somastostatin receptors (SSTRs) and dopamine receptors (DRDs).Aim: To systematically analyze the expression of SSTRs and DRDs in a large cohort of clinically well-characterized ...

ea0070aep687 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2020

Endoscopic transsphenoidal pituitary surgery (ETPS) for pituitary tumors: Outcomes and complications

Venegas-Moreno Eva , Remon Pablo , Dios-Fuentes Elena , Deniz-Garcia Alejandro , Cardenas Eugenio , Kaen Ariel , Martin-Schrader Ignacio , Gonzalez-Rivera Natividad , Roldan Florinda , Cano-Gonzalez David , Soto-Moreno Alfonso

Methods: Restrospective descriptive study of patients who underwent ETPS for pituitary adenoma removal performed by the same surgical team in Virgen del Rocio Hospital of Seville from January 2014 to January 2019.Results: 174 patients had a pituitary adenoma (44 GH, 36 ACTH, 94 Non functioning). 54.02% were female. In acromegaly, 39 (88.63%) patients were operated by ETPS as initial approach. 20 (51.28%) patients had cavernous sinus invation. At outcome ...