Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0020p673 | Steroid Receptors | ECE2009

Non-classical rapid effects of glucocorticoids on the beta cell function in response to glucose in healthy men

Vila Greisa , Krebs Michael , Baumgartner-Parzer Sabina , Riedl Michaela , Clodi Martin , Pacini Giovanni , Luger Anton

Glucocorticoids suppress insulin secretion, inhibit glucose uptake in peripheral tissues, and promote gluconeogenesis in the liver. These effects are known to be mediated via genomic mechanisms of slow onset. Despite recent evidence on rapid non-genomic glucocorticoid signaling in several organs, there is no information on rapid glucocorticoid effects on carbohydrate metabolism in humans.Here we present data on the rapid effects of hydrocortisone on the ...

ea0016p223 | Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases | ECE2008

Glucagon-like peptide 1 and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide in polycystic ovary syndrome

Vrbikova Jana , Hill Martin , Vondra Karel , Bendlova Bela , Grimmichova Tereza , Dvorakova Katerina , Stanicka Sonja , Pacini Giovanni

Insulin hypersecretion during oral or intravenous glucose tolerance test (OGTT, ivGTT) was described previously in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Little attention was given to the regulation of insulin secretion in these subjects. We aimed to study the secretion of incretins (glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide, GIP, glucagon-like peptide 1, GLP-1), during OGTT in normoglucose-tolerant PCOS women.After signing written informed cons...

ea0014oc12.3 | Diabetes | ECE2007

Adhesion molecules two years after gestational diabetes

Prikoszovich Thomas , Pacini Giovanni , Winzer Christine , Luger Anton , Wagner Oswald , Kautzky-Willer Alexandra

Objectives: We investigated in women with prior GD (pGD) at risk of diabetes and premature atherosclerosis in comparison to women with normal glucose tolerance during and after pregnancy (C) parameters of inflammation, endothelial dysfunction and glucose tolerance in a follow-up study.Methods: 119 pGD and 41 C underwent an oral glucose tolerance test 3 months, 1 and 2 years after delivery with measurements of plasma concentrations of circulating adhesion...

ea0075t06 | Thyroid | EYES2021

Ectopic Cushing’s syndrome due to advanced medullary thyroid cancer: a case report

Corsello Andrea , Ramunno Vittoria , Paragliola Rosa Maria , Pacini Giovanni , De Crea Carmela , Raffaelli Marco , Locantore Pietro

Background: CushingÂ’s syndrome (CS) in medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) is rare with less than 60 cases reported. Less than 1% of MTC develop ectopic ACTH-dependent CS and this correlated with metastasis at diagnosis and poor prognosis.Case presentation: A 32-year-old male was referred to our department for suspected CS. Initial evaluation showed hypokalemia(2.4 mmol/l) and severe ACTH-dependent CS (Cortisol h8:678ng/ml; ACTH:249pg/ml; urinary free co...

ea0014p171 | (1) | ECE2007

Muscle mitochondrial function is impaired in patients with prior acromegaly

Szendrödi Julia , Zwettler Elisabeth , Schmid Albrecht Ingo , Chmelik Marek , Pacini Giovanni , Kacerovsky Gertrud , Schnack Christoph , Schernthaner Guntram , Wagner Oswald , Klaushofer Klaus , Roden Michael

Acromegaly is amongst other symptoms associated with myopathy, alterations of energy expenditure and insulin action which are mediated by growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factors (IGFs). It is unclear to which extent these abnormalities remain after treatment. Thus, we examined glucose metabolism, intracellular fat deposition and mitochondrial function in patients with prior acromegaly (AM).Six AM (4f/2 m, age: 49±10 years, body mass inde...