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ea0021s1.2 | Novel mechanistic insights into thyroid diseases | SFEBES2009

Genetic mechanisms defining the response to thyroid hormone replacement

Panicker V

The adequacy of thyroid hormone replacement in hypothyroid subjects has long been debated. A proportion of subjects on thyroxine report not achieving their pre-disease level of well-being and evidence from community studies suggest impaired well-being in subjects on thyroxine compared to the general population. Our work on the large HUNT 2 cohort from Norway confirms this and furthermore revealed that subjects on thyroxine have a different relationship between TSH and well-bei...

ea0019p357 | Thyroid | SFEBES2009

Common variation in the DIO2 gene predicts baseline psychological well-being and response to combination T4/T3 therapy in patients on thyroid hormone replacement

Panicker V , Saravanan P , Vaidya B , Evans J , Hattersley A , Frayling T , Dayan C

Introduction: There remains considerable debate over combination T4/T3 therapy for thyroid hormone replacement. Whilst large randomised-controlled studies have failed to show benefit over T4 only, there remain patients who feel better on the combination. Animal studies suggest that up to 80% of intracellular T3 in the brain is derived from circulating T4 by local deiodination. We hypothesized that in patients on thyroxine ...