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ea0049gp109 | Diabetes therapy & complications 2 | ECE2017

Treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis at type 1 diabetes mellitus presentation: 13 year experience from a tertiary centre (2004–2016)

Serra-Caetano Joana , Gata Lia , Dinis Alexandra , Cardoso Rita , Dinis Isabel , Patricio Miguel , Mirante Alice

Introduction: Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is an endocrine emergency and the leading cause of morbi-mortality in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus (1DM). DKA treatment is still controverse, mainly regarding hydroelectrolytic replacement and insulin dose.Aims: To evaluate efectiveness and safety of our tertiary centre protocol in DKA treatment, which included initial volume expansion with isotonic saline in the first two hours followed by 0.45% sodium...

ea0049ep704 | Obesity | ECE2017

Elevated serum adiponectin in Alzheimer’s disease as neuroprotective strategy

Letra Liliana , Rodrigues Tiago , Matafome Paulo , Duro Diana , Lemos Raquel , Patricio Miguel , Castelo-Branco Miguel , Baldeiras Ines , Seica Raquel , Santana Isabel

Background: Several studies have highlighted the contribution of adipose tissue dysfunction to the development and progression of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), which may depend on alterations in adipokine secretion. Leptin and adiponectin are the most abundant adipokines in circulation, with recognized systemic effects, but also able to cross the blood-brain barrier and influence cognitive-related structures, such as the hippocampus.Objective: To determ...

ea0049ep887 | Growth hormone IGF axis - basic | ECE2017

Somatropin treatment Supported by NHS: characterization of submitted patients – 2006 to 2016

Bastos Margarida , Mirante Alice , Afonso Caldas , Vasconcelos Carlos , Bacelar Conceicao , Pereira Conceicao , Lopes Lurdes , Fonseca Marcelo , Serra-Caetano Joana , Patricio Miguel , Esteves Cesar Marques , Ferreira Florbela , Braganca Graciete , Raimundo Luisa , Matos Lurdes , Sampaio Lurdes , Fontoura Manuel , Borges Teresa

Introduction: In our country somatropin treatment is supported by the National Health Service. A National Committee (CNNHC) rules and analysis the submission papers of patients with: isolated/multiple somatotropin deficiency (STD), short stature in: renal chronic disease (DRC), small for gestational age (SGA), Turner syndrome (TS) and Prader Willi syndrome (PWS). In adults only isolated somatropin deficiency diagnosed in childhood.Aims: To analyze the ch...

ea0056p728 | Developmental endocrinology | ECE2018

CNNHC: Preliminary results of treatment with recombinant somatropin

Bastos Margarida , Mirante Alice , Marques Bernardo , Caetano Joana Serra , Afonso Caldas , Vasconcelos Carlos , Bacelar Conceicao , Pereira Conceicao , Lopes Lurdes , Fonseca Marcelo , Patricio Miguel , Esteves Cesar , Ferreira Florbela , Braganca Graciete , Raimundo Luisa , Matos Lurdes , Foutoura Manuel , Borges Teresa

Introduction: Treatment with recombinant Somatropin (rSMT) is safe and has greatly improved the approach of children and adolescents with somatropin deficiency (SMTD) and other growth disorders. In our country, rSMT therapy is approved for isolated/multiple somatropin deficiency, small for gestational age (SGA), chronic kidney disease (CKD), Turner syndrome (TS) and Prader Willi syndrome (PWS). A National Commitee (CNNHC) is responsible for the analysis of each case and treatm...