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ea0038p269 | Obesity, diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | SFEBES2015

Improving glycaemic control in T1DM: the Fife Insulin and Food Education for Diabetes (FIFE Diabetes) structured education programme

Boyle Luke , Jamieson Fiona , Burns Denise , Duncan Katie , Malcolm Jill , White Leslie , Chalmers John , Osborne Louise , Patterson Catherine

Background: The 2013 Scottish Diabetes Survey demonstrated that only 22% of individuals with type 1 diabetes have optimal glycaemic control, defined as a HbA1c <58 mmol/mol. The 2014 Diabetes Improvement Plan in Scotland prioritised, ‘improving the care and outcomes of all people living with type 1 diabetes’. Scotland’s Diabetes Education Advisory Group has now been established. Accordingly, the Fife Insulin and Food Education for Diabetes (FIFE Diabetes) st...

ea0015p95 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2008

Impact of NICE guidelines for adult growth hormone replacement on practice in Scotland

Philip Sam , Howat Isabel , Carson Maggie , Booth Anne , Patterson Catherine , Schofield Christopher , Patrick Alan , Leese Graham , Bevan John , Connell John

Aim: To assess whether adults in Scotland currently receiving growth hormone (GH) meet the NICE criteria for starting and continuing GH replacement.Methods: We surveyed all endocrinologists in Scotland and identified the main centres using GH replacement. A cross-sectional case note review was carried out of all patients commenced on GH.Results: About 208 patients (51% women; 24% professionals, 90% Caucasian) were identified, 69 of...