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ea0022p721 | Signal transduction | ECE2010

Lysyl oxidase interacts with AGEs signaling to modulate collagen synthesis in polycystic ovarian tissue

Papachroni Katerina , Piperi Christina , Levidou Georgia , Korkolopoulou Penelope , Pawelczyk Leszek , Diamanti-Kandarakis Evanthia , Papavassiliou Athanasios

The connective tissue components, collagen types I, III and IV, which surround the ovarian follicles, undergo drastic changes during ovulation. Abnormal collagen synthesis and increased volume and density of ovarian stroma characterise the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Physiologically, collagen synthesis in ovarian follicles is partly regulated by lysyl oxidase (LOX), which catalyzes the collagen and elastin cross-linking and plays indispensable role in the organization of...