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ea0028p52 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2012

The cost, efficacy and safety of Omnitrope compared with Genotropin in adults with growth hormone deficiency

Ullah Arif , Peacock Helen , Arutchelvam Vijayaraman , Nag Sath , Ashwell Simon

Omnitrope is a biosimilar growth hormone (GH) preparation with a lower acquisition cost than other GH preparations. We switched adult patients with growth hormone deficiency treated with Genotropin (n=14, age 59.2±13.7 [mean±SD] yrs, 8 male) to Omnitrope at an equivalent dose. There followed titration visits every month for 3 months then visits every 3 months until 9 months. GH dose (0.5±0.0 vs 0.5±0.0 mg [mean±SD],...