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ea0015p92 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2008

Extreme delay in presentation of congenital adrenal hyperplasia in a male with CYP21A2 deficiency

Arutchelvam Vijayaraman , Ravikumar Balasubramaniyam , Advani Andrew , Pearce Simon HS , Taylor Roy , Forrest Ian , Quinton Richard

Introduction: Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) is an inherited disorder, most commonly caused by enzymatic deficiency of 21-hydroxylase (CYP21A2). The non-classic or late-onset form is one of the most common autosomal recessive diseases in women, but the diagnosis is only rarely made in men unless they happen to present with testicular or adrenal masses or infertility.Case report: A 65-year-old man presented with recurrent episodes of postural dizzin...

ea0059oc5.2 | Adrenal | SFEBES2018

Residual adrenal function in autoimmune addison s disease effect of dual therapy with rituximab and depot tetracosactide

Napier Catherine , Gan Earn H , Mitchell Anna L , Gilligan Lorna C , Rees Aled , Moran Carla , Chatterjee Krishna , Vaidya Bijay , Arlt Wiebke , Pearce Simon HS

In patients with autoimmune Addison’s disease (AAD), exogenous glucocorticoid (GC) therapy is an imperfect substitute for physiological GC secretion; patients on long-term steroid replacement have increased morbidity, reduced life expectancy and poorer quality of life. Recent early-phase studieshave demonstrated that some endogenous steroidogenic function – Residual Adrenal Function (RAF) - is maintained at the point of diagnosis in a proportion of AAD patients; this...

ea0031p333 | Steroids | SFEBES2013

Revival of adrenal function in established autoimmune Addison's disease

Gan Earn H , Mitchell Anna L , Perros Petros , James Andy , Ball Steve , Furmaniak Jadwiga , Chen Shu , Quinton Richard , Pearce Simon HS

Despite lifelong glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid replacement, there is excess morbidity and mortality associated with autoimmune Addison’s disease (AAD). Adrenal cortical cells undergo continuous self-renewal from a population of subcapsular progenitor or stem cells, under the influence of ACTH. We aimed to determine if synthetic ACTH analogue could revive adrenal steroidogenic function and ameliorate AAD.We performed an open-label trial of syn...