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ea0037oc6.2 | Thyroid | ECE2015

Biological activity of novel thyroid hormone analogues: role of Na+ taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide in liver selectivity

Brigante Giulia , Carlsson Bo , Kersseboom Simone , Peeters Robin P , Visser Theo J

Background: The interest in the potential effect of thyromimetics in lowering serum cholesterol is growing. Thyroid hormone actions on lipid metabolism are exerted in the liver and mediated by the T3 receptor TRĪ²1. The creation of molecules transported into hepatocytes by liver-specific transporters can increase the liver selectivity of thyromimetics. Sodium taurocholate co-transporting polypeptide (NTCP), a solute carrier protein primarily expressed on the basolateral me...

ea0067o14 | Oral Presentations | EYES2019

Effects of thyroid function on peripheral serum markers: results from a cohort of thyroid cancer patients

Monzani Maria Laura , De Vincentis Sara , Della Casa Venturelli Francesca , Piccinini Francesca , Tagliavini Simonetta , Peeters Robin P , Simoni Manuela , Brigante Giulia

Objective: The aim of this study was to identify changes in thyroid hormone metabolism occurring in different thyroid functional states and to evaluate tissue response to thyroid hormone changes.Methods: Two hundred subjects (137 F, 63 M, mean age: 50.3±14.4 years) waiting to be treated or treated with total thyroidectomy for differentiated thyroid cancer were enrolled in this study. Thyroid function was investigated measuring TSH, fT4 and fT3, and ...

ea0063gp175 | Obesity (1) | ECE2019

Normal IGF-bioactivity and low free IGF-I in patients with Prader-Willi syndrome with high total serum IGF-I: immunoreactive IGF-I concentrations poorly reflect IGF bio-activity and bio-availability

Pellikaan Karlijn , Elizabeth Melitza , Donze Stephany , van den Berg Sjoerd , van Doorn Jaap , Peeters Robin P , Hokken-Koelega Anita CS , de Graaff Laura CG

Introduction: Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is a complex syndrome including hyperphagia, pituitary hormone deficiencies, low muscle mass and cognitive impairment. Treatment with recombinant Growth Hormone (GH) has beneficial effects on body composition, physical performance, cognition, psychomotor development, respiratory function, and quality of life of patients with PWS. GH treatment has a narrow therapeutic range. Clinicians measure serum immunoreactive Insulin-like Growth Fa...

ea0063p1205 | Thyroid 3 | ECE2019

Quality of life in patients thyroidectomized for differentiated thyroid cancer

Laura Monzani Maria , De Vincentis Sara , Della Casa Venturelli Francesca , Piccinini Francesca , Tagliavini Simonetta , Peeters Robin P. , Simoni Manuela , Brigante Giulia

Background: The evaluation of health-related Quality of Life (QoL) is becoming a key component in clinical assessment of thyreopathic patients, especially those thyroidectomized for differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) and treated with levothyroxine (LT4).Aim: To evaluate QoL in different thyroid states in patients treated with total thyroidectomy for DTC and correlate it with thyroid function tests.Methods: Two hundred subjects (13...

ea0041gp201 | Thyroid - Translational & Clinical | ECE2016

The importance of maternal thyroid for the placental function

Barjaktarovic Mirjana , Korevaar Tim I M , Jaddoe Vincent W V , de Rijke Yolanda B , Visser Theo J , Steegers Eric P , Peeters Robin P

Introduction: Maternal thyroid hormone during early pregnancy is important for proper fetal growth and development. Thyroid hormone receptors are widely expressed in placental tissue. Interestingly, thyroid dysfunction and suboptimal placental function have both been associated with pregnancy complications including preeclampsia, premature delivery and fetal growth restriction. First, we studied the association of the maternal thyroid and placental function and second, we inve...