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ea0022p76 | Bone/Calcium | ECE2010

Osteomalacia: important cause of bone loss in a patient with inflamatory bowl disease: case report

Ghemigian Adina , Popescu Irina , Petrova Evghenia , Neacsu Elena , Dumitrache Constantin

Bone densitometry (DEXA) is the best method available today for diagnosing low bone density. However, DEXA is not able to differentiate osteoporosis from osteomalacia. The definitive diagnosis of osteomalacia is made by bone biopsy – rarely used in medical practice – which shows excess unmineralized bone. Tests of blood and urine may also be helpful: concentration of serum and urinary calcium and phosphorus, 25-hydroxyvitamin D and parathyroid hormone b...

ea0022p179 | Clinical case reports and clinical practice | ECE2010

Screening for nutritional status in the elderly

Popescu Irina , Ghemigian Adina , Petrova Evghenia , Dumitrache Constantin

The population of the world is aging and is estimated that by 2030 – 21% of global population will be aged 65 years and older. At present, under-nutrition in older people is a serious and growing global problem affecting even developed countries. As one ages, several physiological and pathlogical changes may contribute towards the development of protein energy malnutrition. This syndrom brings with it many adverse health outcomes and a significant cost to the individual, ...

ea0022p178 | Clinical case reports and clinical practice | ECE2010

Glass fiber containing materials – a rare cause of granulomatous mastitis

Ghemigian Adina , Popescu Irina , Petrova Evghenia , Ioachim Dumitru , Ghemigian Mircea , Dumitrache Constantin

Foreign bodies represent a rare cause of granulomatous mastitis. In the last three years we diagnosed three women with granulomatous mastitis consecutive to exposure at building materials containing glass fibers. All of them were young (21–34 years), with regular menses, without any pathological histories and were admitted to our hospital for bilateral galactorrhea spontaneous in one case and by squeezing the nipple in the other two cases. Clinical and ultrasonographic ev...