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ea0011p228 | Cytokines and growth factors | ECE2006

Selected hormones serum levels in dependence on BMI and sex

Tajtáková M , Semanová Z , Petrášová D , Petroviová J , Pytliak M

Objectives: To investigate the influence of body weight and sex on serum levels of insulin, leptin, ghrelin, IGF1, adiponectin and TSH.Methods: Serum levels of insulin, IGF1, TSH and ghrelin were measured by RIA, leptin by IRMA and adiponectin by ELISA in 90 individuals (42 women, average age 49.8±8.9 years( 48 men, average age 49.1±6.6). The sample was divided into three subgroups: normal weight (BMI=15.5–24.9), excess weight (BMI=25.0&#1...