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ea0007s25 | Hair: too little, too much | BES2004

Gene regulation and the developing hair follicle

Philpott M

The hair follicle is the most prominent cutaneous mini-organ and one of the defining features of mammalian species. Hair follicle development is driven and controlled by a series of precisely choreographed, reciprocal epithelial?mesenchymal interactions involving secreted growth factors, differentially expressed growth factor receptors and transcription factors, adhesion molecules and changes in the extracellular matrix milieu. Key amongst these signalling pathways during earl...

ea0010p83 | Steroids to include Cushing's | SFE2005

A proliferative role for liver X receptors within human skin

Russell L , Philpott M , Burrin J

Liver X receptors α and β (NR1H3 and NR1H2) play major a role within cells and tissues involved in lipid metabolism and cholesterol homeostasis including macrophages, the liver and the small intestine. Within the skin however, the roles of LXR are less well documented, although in vitro studies using primary human keratinocytes have implemented LXR in the formation of the stratum corneum via the increase of transcription of the proteins involved in the AP-1 co...