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ea0065p350 | Reproductive Endocrinology and Biology | SFEBES2019

Gonadotrophin rise following the kisspeptin analogue (MVT-602) is increased in women with hypothalamic amenorrhoea compared to healthy women

Eng Pei Chia , Abbara Ali , Phylactou Maria , Clarke Sophie A , Yang Lisa , Mills Edouard , Modi Manish , Papadopoulou Deborah , Plumptre Isabella , Hunjan Tia , Purugganan Kate , Webber Lisa , Salim Rehan , Comninos Alexander N , Dhillo Waljit S

Introduction: Hypothalamic amenorrhoea (HA) is a condition characterised by reduced GnRH pulsatility and is a common cause of anovulatory subfertility. Kisspeptin is an endogenous neuropeptide that regulates hypothalamic GnRH function. Hypothalamic kisspeptin expression is reduced, and kisspeptin receptor expression is increased, in a rodent model of HA. The kisspeptin analogue MVT-602 has a 3-4-fold longer half-life than native kisspeptin-54 (t1/2 0.5 h). We invest...

ea0065p366 | Reproductive Endocrinology and Biology | SFEBES2019

The effects of peptide-YY (PYY) on the reproductive axis in humans

Izzi-Engbeaya Chioma , Jones Sophie , Crustna Yoshibye , Machenahalli Pratibha , Papadopoulou Deborah , Modi Manish , Panayi Christos , Starikova Jessica , Eng Pei Chia , Phylactou Maria , Mills Edouard , Yang Lisa , Ratnasabapathy Risheka , Sykes Mark , Plumptre Isabella , Minnion James , Tharakan George , Tan Tricia , Veldhuis Johannes , Abbara Ali , Comninos Alexander , Dhillo Waljit

Introduction: Peptide-YY (PYY) is produced by intestinal L-cells following nutrient ingestion. PYY analogues are an emerging class of anti-obesity medication. Peripheral administration of PYY has potent anorectic effects in rodents and humans. Interestingly, rodent studies have demonstrated that PYY has additional effects on reproductive hormone secretion depending on the model studied. In humans, hypogonadism occurs in up to 40% of men with obesity. Therefore, the effects of ...