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ea0005p74 | Cytokines and Growth Factors | BES2003

Leptin enhances expression of CD11b by human neutrophils through TNF-alpha

Zarkesh-Esfahani H , Pockley A , Hellewell P , Weetman A , Ross R

Background: Leptin, the satiety hormone that is produced by adipose tissue appears to act as a link between nutritional status and immune function, and it has been shown to elicit a number of immunoregulatory effects, including the promotion of T cell proliferative responses, and the elicitation of pro-inflammatory cytokines from T cells and monocytes. Given that leptin deficiency is associated with an increased susceptibility to infection, and that polymorphonuclear neutrophi...

ea0003p78 | Cytokines and Growth Factors | BES2002

Leptin increases expression of CD11b on human neutrophils

Zarkesh-Esfahani S , Pockley G , Norman K , Metcalfe R , Aylott C , Hellewell P , Weetman A , Ross R

Background: Leptin is a multi-functional hormone of which low levels are associated with immuno-deficiency. We and others have shown that leptin promotes secretion of inflammatory cytokines (TNF-alpha and IL-6) by monocytes (1) and activated lymphocytes (2). The leptin receptor (Ob-R) is expressed on neutrophils and leptin enhances oxidative species production by stimulated neutrophils.Aim: To access whether CD11b expression on human neutrophils is a di...