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ea0020p175 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | ECE2009

Pregnancy and childbirth in active acromegaly patient treated with long acting somatostatin analog

Nechaeva Olga , Pokramovich Julia , Dreval Alexander

In 24 years old woman in March 2007 was diagnosed acromegaly (somatoprolactinoma) an active phase, hyperprolactinemia. Manifestations: rugged features, amenorrhea, galactorrhea, fasting GH – 144 ng/ml (N<10 ng/ml), IGF-1 – 586 ng/ml (N 48–450 ng/ml), PRL – 6726 mU/l (N 40–530 mU/l). According to pituitary MRT a tumor volume was 14.4 cm3, with supra- and infrasella growth. She was operated in May 2007: transnal transs...

ea0020p207 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | ECE2009

The colonic polyps in the patients with acromegaly

Dreval Alexandr , Kamynina Tamara , Pokramovich Julia , Nechaeva Olga , Tereschenko Sergey , Banina Victoria

Aim: To evaluate the frequency and morpho-histological characteristics of the colonic polyps (CP) in acromegaly patients (pts).Materials and methods: We studied 53 pts (50 female, 3 men) aged 23–76 (median – 47) with active acromegaly. The mean disease duration was 10.7±4.3 years. Somatotropinoma was diagnosed in 51 pts and somatoprolactinoma in two. The activity of acromegal? was confirmed on the base of the clinical and hormonal data. Ba...

ea0020p220 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | ECE2009

Oktreotid-depot therapy of acromegaly with long action somatostatin analogue

Pokramovich Julia , Dreval Alexandr , Nechaeva Olga , Pronin Viacheslav , Koloda Dmitry , Gitel Evgeny

Aim: To estimate efficiency of long acting somatostatin analog (Oktreotid-Depot, Ltd ‘FarmSyntez’, Russia) in acromegaly treatment.Material and methods: Twenty-five patients with the confirmed acromegaly diagnosis, active phase, receiving Oktreotid-Depot therapy within 6–12 months in a single dose of 20–40 mg/month. Every three months dynamics of clinical signs, basal IGF-1 and GH levels and pituitary adenoma size were analyzed.<p...