Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0032p488 | Diabetes | ECE2013

Absence od metformin therapy and inadequate insulin doses are the basic features of diabetic patients with unregulated diabetes

Tesic Dragan , Mitrovic Milena , Benc Damir , Popovic Djordje

Introduction and objectives: The aim of our study was to determine which characteristics of the uncontrolled diabetes are among randomly selected patients with type 1 (T1DM) and type 2 (T2DM) diabetes.Material and methods: A total of 194 diabetic patients were observed, 142 with T2DM and 52 with T1DM, recruted in outpatient clinic. Patients were divided into three groups according to HbA1c values: <7% (G1), 7–8% (G2) and >8% (G3). Statistica...

ea0041ep726 | Male Reproduction | ECE2016

Should we initially manage young males with Kallmann’s syndroma by stimulation treatment until the freezing and storage of sperm?

Tesic Dragan , Mitrovic Milena , Pejin Radoslav , Popovic Djordje , Vukovic Bojan , Vlaski Jovan

Introduction: Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism(HH) is mandatory treated with testosterone (T). However, gonadotropin(hCG/FSH) administration might be the challenging optimal therapy.Case 1: Male, 23-y-old, hypophisectomy pp. adenoma hromophobum, one month later- FSH 1.5 U/L, LH 0.55 U/L. Primogonyl(hCG) test; testosteronemia: 0 day 0.069, 3 day 19.01 nmol/l. After 5 m in ejaculate no sperm. 5 m after introduction of hCG twice weekly 1,500 i.u. and FSH+LH 15...

ea0049ep245 | Bone &amp; Osteoporosis | ECE2017

Analysis of DXA scans of males performed in clinical center of vojvodina

Vukovic Bojan , Paro Jovanka Novakovic , Icin Tijana , Bajkin Ivana , Popovic Djordje , Stojanoska Milica Medic , Pejin Radoslav , Stokic Edita

The prevalence of osteoporosis among men is not well-documented. The aim of this cross-sectional study is to analyze results of DXA scans preformed in males in Clinical center of Vojvodina between years 2009 and 2016. Form the total of 2006 fist DXA scans performed in 7 years period there was 14.8% of males. DXA scan was indicated by the rheumatologists, internists and endocrinologists predominantly for suspected secondary causes of osteoporosis. We divided male subjects in gr...

ea0035p749 | Obesity | ECE2014

The effects of octreotide acetate long-acting repeatable (LAR) on mean platelet volume in acromegaly: octreotidelar may have a detrimental effect on MPV, a new indicator of atherosclerosis

Popovic Djordje , Stokic Edita , Tomic-Naglic Dragana , Zivanovic Zeljko , Bajkin Ivana , Benc Damir , Vukovic Bojan , Kovacev-Zavisic Branka

Introduction and objective: Cardiovascular mortality is high in acromegaly. Our aim in this study was to determine the levels of the new cardiovascular marker in active acromegaly patients, the mean platelet volume (MPV) values before and after octreotide acetate LAR treatment.Material and methods: Thirty-six patients with active acromegaly who presented at the endocrinology department (mean age 46.0±14.0 years and mean BMI: 30.4±5.1 kg/m2...

ea0026p531 | Bone/calcium/Vitamin D | ECE2011

Restitution of sever bone changes after succsessful treatment of primary hyperparathyroidism

Novakovic-Paro Jovanka , Kovacev-Zavisic Branka , Icin Tijana , Bajkin Ivana , Popovic Djordje , Vukovic Bojan , Mitrovic Milena , Medic-Stojanoska Milica

Primary hyperparathyroidism is an autonomous form of hyperparathyroidism, whose characteristics are: increased secretion of parathyroid hormone with clinical signs of hypercalcemic syndrome and various organ lesions, including bones.Case report: A 51-year-old Caucasian female presented with walking difficulties, polyuria, polydipsia, palpitations and headaches. Examination showed thoracic spine hyperkyphosis with consecutive chest deformity, staggered wa...

ea0049ep1089 | Clinical case reports - Pituitary/Adrenal | ECE2017

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia: case series, describing results of initial dexamethasone therapy

Tesic Dragan , Stokic Edita , Medic-Stojanoska Milica , Mitrovic Milena , Tomic-Naglic Dragana , Icin Tijana , Bajkin Ivana , Popovic Djordje , Dusan Vuleta , Vlaski Jovan

Introduction: Congentital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) comes to adult endocrinologist wheather as transition from pediatritian (Case 3) or as still without diagnosis (Case 1, 2, 4). The aim of this work is to describe typical forms of CAH initially sucessfuly treated with dexamethasone therapy.Case descriptions: Case 1: female, 1972y., presented in 1995y. (23y.) as severe hirsutism and infertility managed by team of gynecologists. She refus...

ea0041ep109 | Bone &amp; Osteoporosis | ECE2016

Bone turnover markers in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis depending on the level of vitamin D

Novakovic-Paro Jovanka , Icin Tijana , Mitrovic Milena , Tomic-Naglic Dragana , Pejin Radoslav , Popovic Djordje , Bajkin Ivana , Vukovic Bojan , Benc Damir , Medic-Stojanoska Milica , Kovacev-Zavisic Branka

Introduction: It is indisputable importance of vitamin D for the preserved integrity of the skeleton and bone metabolism.The aim of the study was to analyse bone turnover parameters in relation to the vitamin D status in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis.Materials and methods: This study included a total of 195 postmenopausal women with osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is diagnosed by DXA scan of the spine and hip. Bone turnover mar...

ea0035p87 | Bone and Osteoporosis | ECE2014

Bone mineral density, bone turnover and vitamin D status in women with diabetes mellitus type 2 and healthy women with osteoporosis in menopause

Novakovic-Paro Jovanka , Bajkin Ivana , Tomic-Naglic Dragana , Mitrovic Milena , Icin Tijana , Vukovic Bojan , Pejin Radoslav , Popovic Djordje , Medic-Stojanoska Milica , Kovacev-Zavisic Branka

Introduction: Literature data suggests increased fracture risk in women with diabetes mellitus type 2 but the underlying mechanism is not fully understood.Aim of the study was to analyse bone turnover parameters in women with DM2 and in healthy women with osteoporosis in menopause.Materials and methods: There were 76 participants out of wich 36 women with DM2. Average diabetes duration was 14.48±10.51 years with mean HbA1c 7.8...

ea0035p310 | Clinical case reports Thyroid/Others | ECE2014

Do clinical events always suggest familial form of medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC)? – two case reports

Bajkin Ivana , Novakovic-Paro Jovanka , Icin Tijana , Mitrovic Milena , Vukovic Bojan , Popovic Djordje , Milankov Andrijana , Kovacev-Zavisic Branka , Medic-Stojanoska Milica

Introduction: MTC originates from the parafollicular calcitonin secreting cells. One quarter of MTC patients have familial form of the disease with RET mutation.Case reports: First female patient underwent total thyroidectomy for MTC at the age 40. Further investigation showed elevated urinary catecholamine levels and MIBG scintiscan verified bilateral pheochromocytoma. Bilateral adrenalectomy was performed. On follow-up basal and stimulated calcitonin l...

ea0035p362 | Diabetes (epidemiology, pathophysiology) | ECE2014

Pregnancy outcomes in women with gestational diabetes

Vukovic Bojan , Mitrovic Milena , Popovic Djordje , Tomic-Naglic Dragana , Novakovic-Paro Jovanka , Rankov Olivera , Pejin Radoslav , Stokic Edita , Kovacev-Zavisic Branka

Introduction: Although diagnostics and therapy are much improved over the years, women with gestational diabetes still have more adverse course and outcome of pregnancy than healthy women. Their pregnancies are more often complicated with the different forms of maternal and fetal morbidity. Our study investigates all cause early neonatal morbidity (neonatal jaundice, neonatal hypoglycemia, fetal distress syndrome and other) and newborns maturity and vitality in the groups of d...