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ea0020p637 | Reproduction | ECE2009

Penile size and testicular volume in healthy Lithuanian newborns

Preiksa Romualdas Tomas , Zilaitiene Birute , Matulevicius Valentinas

Aim: Of the study was to establish normal penile size and testicular volume in healthy Lithuanian newborns.Methods: Of 1204 newborn boys were examined in Panevėžys Hospital due to genitometry. Those with cryptorchidism or hypospadias were excluded. Penis size was measured in 1042 and testicular volume in 712 healthy newborns. The stretched penile length was measured between the pubic ramus and the tip of the glans and the diameter – in...

ea0035p166 | Calcium and Vitamin D metabolism | ECE2014

Do Lithuanian military conscripts suffer from hypovitaminosis D?

Preiksa Romualdas Tomas , Gailyte Ieva , Lasaite Lina , Verkauskiene Rasa

The aim of the study was to evaluate vitamin D levels in Lithuanian male military conscripts and its association with PTH, osteocalcin and testosterone, body muscles and LBM percentage, as well as depression–sadness, tension–anxiety and psychological and physical quality of life.Methods: A total of 262 healthy Lithuanian male military conscripts were tested for vitamin D, PTH, osteocalcin and testosterone concentration and 155 (59.2%) of them w...

ea0035p705 | Male reproduction | ECE2014

Relationship among nutritional patterns, metabolic parameters and reproductive hormones In healthy young men

Matulevicius Valentinas , Ceponis Jonas , Preiksa Romualdas Tomas , Zilaitiene Birute

Introduction: Even though the importance of nutrition in diabetes development is well known, little has been done to explore whether nutrition affects reproductive health and escalates the risk for further consequences of deterioration of metabolic parameters in young men.The goal of our study was to evaluate a possible relationship between eating patterns, metabolic parameters and androgenisation levels in healthy young men.Method...