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ea0013oc25 | Neuroendocrinology, reproduction and cardiovascular | SFEBES2007

Manipulation of proprotein convertase 1 expression in AtT20 cells changes proopiomelanocortin processing and trafficking: Implications for ACTH regulatory pathways

Day Tom , Warhurst Anne , Oliver Robert L , Pritchard Lynn E , White Anne

We have previously shown that the ACTH precursor, POMC, is present in human plasma and is the predominant secreted POMC peptide. This suggests that POMC processing is incomplete in neuroendocrine cells and regulation of the post-translational cleavage pathway is important in controlling secretion of ACTH. We have therefore analysed the dynamics of POMC processing in both AtT20 pituitary adenoma cells and primary rat pituitary cells. In both cases, large quantities of POMC, as ...