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ea0037ep453 | Diabetes (complications & therapy) | ECE2015

The effect of compensation of diabetes on ulcer healing in patients with diabetic foot syndrome

Prystupiuk Maksym

Introduction: Diabetic foot syndrome is a common surgical pathology. It is the main cause of lower limb amputations, which can be avoided in 85% of cases by active detection and long-term compensation of T2DM, timely diagnostics of peripheral neuropathy.Purpose: To study relation between compensation of diabetes (by HbA1c) and time needed for healing of ulcers and purulent processes in patients with neuroischaemic forms of diabetic foot.<p class="abs...

ea0070ep456 | Thyroid | ECE2020

Anxiety disorders in patients with autoimmune thyroiditis

Onofriichuk Iuliia , Prystupiuk Maksym

To date, up to 35% of the young population (25–60 years) in developed countries are subject to anxiety disorders. The use of anti-anxiety agents in clinical practice does not always lead to a lasting effect. The study included patients who initially consulted a neurologist or psychotherapist. With panic attacks. On the Anxiety and Depression Rating Scale (HADS), all patients received 11 points or more. The use of anti-anxiety drugs gave a short-term effect with subsequen...

ea0063gp129 | Diabetes: Late Complications | ECE2019

Efficiency of application of silicate sorbents in surgical treatment of patients with neuro-ischemic form of diabetic foot ulcer

Prystupiuk Maksym , Onofriichuk Iuliia , Prystupiuk Lev , Naumova Ludmila , Naumova Marianna

Aim: To investigate the clinical efficacy of the treatment of patients with neuro-ishemic diabetic foot ulcers (DF) by using sorption-antimicrobial nanocomposition based on silica sorbents.Methods: Hydrophobic-hydrophilic sorption-antibacterial nanocomposition, offered for the treatment of ulcers and wounds, contains sorbents (nano-disperse silicon dioxide, polymethylsiloxane) and antibacterial components (decamethoxin, metronidazole). In this study 78 p...

ea0049ep358 | Cardiovascular Endocrinology and Lipid Metabolism | ECE2017

Screening for type 2 diabetes mellitus as a method of secondary prevention of cardiovascular lesions

Prystupiuk Lev , Naumova Liudmyla , Prystupiuk Maksym , Onofriichuk Iuliia , Naumova Marianna

In patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), cardiovascular lesions are 3–4 times more often than in non-diabetics. Screening for T2DM in 1564 people from all Ukraine revealed that 12% had HbA1c at 6.1–6.4% and 16% had HbA1c above 6.5%. Those with HbA1c above 6.5% were examined for BMI, glycemia, total cholesterol, HDL-C, non-HDL-C. Dyslipidemia was defined as total cholesterol over 5.20 mmol/l, HDL-C – less than 1.02 mmol/l for males and less than 1.29 mmo...

ea0049ep507 | Diabetes complications | ECE2017

Using the plastic closure techniques of wound defecting treatment of patients with diabetic foot syndrome

Prystupiuk Maksym , Onofriichuk Iuliia , Naumova Liudmyla , Prystupiuk Lev , Naumova Marianna

Purpose: To improve methods of plastic closure of wound defects in patients with diabetic foot syndrome using skin flaps on vascular pedicle of the perforating vessels.Methods: The study involved patients with diabetes type 2 complicated with diabetic foot syndrome neuroischemic form. The study included 31 patients, 15 people in the study group and 16 people - the control group. Area wounds ranged from 3.8 to 21 cm2. Cleansing the wounds was p...

ea0049ep510 | Diabetes complications | ECE2017

Therapy of hormonal disorders in women with acne

Naumova Liudmyla , Prystupiuk Lev , Prystupiuk Maksym , Naumova Marianna , Onofriichuk Iuliia

Introduction and objectives: About 9% of world population suffer from acne, which occupies the 8th place among all human diseases, and the 3d place among dermatological disorders. Acne is diagnosed in 54% of 18 year aged women. Acne manifests mostly in 12–14 year age and regresses after 20 year age, even though more and more women have recently addressed their doctors for acne problem developing after 20 year age. Location of this dermatosis in open areas of skin leads to...

ea0041ep460 | Diabetes (to include epidemiology, pathophysiology) | ECE2016

Importance of determination of albuminuria in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus

Prystupiuk Lev , Naumova Liudmyla , Prystupiuk Maksym , Naumova Marianna , Prystupiuk Oleksandr

Introduction: Worldwide, patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) compose 90–95% of total number of diabetics. 10% of people aged under 60 years are affected with T2DM, also are 10–20% of people aged 60–69 years, and 15–20% over the age of 70 years. The risk of diabetes may reach 30–40% during lifetime due to other factors than age. T2DM is characterised by higher development of cardiovascular lesions, which even more worsens the condition of the ...

ea0041ep681 | Female Reproduction | ECE2016

The influence of hormonal disorders on quality of life of women with acne

Naumova Liudmyla , Prystupiuk Lev , Prystupiuk Maksym , Naumova Marianna , Prystupiuk Oleksandr

Introduction: About 80% of people had acne of some form. This dermatosis manifests at age 12–14, when there is a physiological increase in the level of hormones, and in most cases it regresses at 18–22. However today, the number of women with acne at age 25 and older has significantly increased.Methodology: Conducted was prospective observational study involving 126 women aged 19 to 37 years with inflammatory form of acne of different severity....

ea0035p354 | Diabetes (epidemiology, pathophysiology) | ECE2014

Age and gender characteristics of carbohydrate metabolism disorders in dependance on HbA1c level

Prystupiuk Lev , Naumova Liudmyla , Prystupiuk Maksym , Naumova Marianna , Prystupiuk Oleksandr

Diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM type 2) is characterized by constant increase in the number of cases. The worst consequence of this disease is the increase in mortality from injuries of the cardiovascular system. And the best prevention of this complication is active detection and then intensive treatment of DM type 2.Our study is aimed at active detection of patients with impaired glucose metabolism in different regions of Ukraine with help of determinatio...

ea0035p356 | Diabetes (epidemiology, pathophysiology) | ECE2014

Prevention of cardiovascular lesions by active detection of diabetes mellitus

Naumova Liudmyla , Prystupiuk Lev , Prystupiuk Maksym , Naumova Marianna , Prystupiuk Oleksandr

Among diseases with impaired carbohydrate metabolism, DM type 2 takes first place. And one of the main complications of this non-communicable disease is cardiovascular lesions. Our joint Ukraine-Poland research to actively detect DM type 2 took place during the Euro-2012, where we examined Hb1Ac in different ages of the population in both countries. In Ukraine the study involved 1564 individuals who where tested although they considered themselves free of DM. Their ages varied...