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ea0099oc10.4 | Oral Communications 10: Calcium and Bone | Part II | ECE2024

Morning urinary Calcium/Creatinine Ratio as screening tool for hypercalciuria in patients with hypoparathyroidism

Berr Christina , Fuss Carmina Teresa , Gronemeyer Karen , Pfob Christian , Pusl Thomas , Hahner Stefanie

Background: Hypercalciuria is a relevant complication in patients with treated hypoparathyroidism. Hypercalciuria is usually estimated by 24 h urinary calcium excretion (24 hUCa). In contrast, in pediatric endocrinology the calcium-creatinine-ratio (CaCrR) is more often used due to feasibility. This study aims to compare these two approaches in adult patients with hypoparathyroidism.Methods: In 181 systematically evaluated patients with primary hypoparat...