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ea0029oc12.5 | Obesity Clinical | ICEECE2012

Brown adipose tissue activation is inversely related with central obesity and metabolic parameters in adult human

Wang W. , Wang Q. , Zhang M. , Xu M. , Gu W. , Qi L. , Li B. , Ning G.

Background: Recent studies have shown that adult human possess active brown adipose tissue (BAT), which might be important in affecting obesity and related metabolic risk. However, the supporting evidence in large population based studies is sparse.Methods: We studied 4011 (2688 males and 1323 females) tumor-free Chinese adults aged 18–89 for BAT activities, visceral/subcutaneous fat areas and metabolic parameters. In vivo 18F-fluorodeoxygluc...

ea0029oc12.4 | Obesity Clinical | ICEECE2012

Genetic susceptibility, birth weight and obesity risk in young chinese

Shi J. , Hong J. , Qi L. , Cui B. , Gu W. , Zhang Y. , Li L. , Xu M. , Wang L. , Zhai Y. , Miao L. , Wang R. , Bi Y. , Wang W. , Ning G.

Thus far, approximately 30 loci influencing body mass index (BMI) and the risk of obesity have been identified. In this study, we aimed to examine the individual and joint associations of 23 BMI-associated loci identified from recent genome-wide association studies in Caucasians with obesity risk in young Chinese. Birth weight reflects prenatal metabolic adaption and has been related to later-life obesity risk. We particularly assessed whether these genetic variants interacted...