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ea0014p388 | (1) | ECE2007

Characteristics of locally advanced differentiated thyroid cancer in &br;a cohort of patients surgically treated at one oncological institution

Baldelli R , Pasimeni G , Barnabei A , Appetecchia M

Differentiated thyroid carcinomas (DTC) (papillary, follicular and follicular type of papillary) are characterized by a favourable prognosis, but a part of patients can develop recurrences and eventually die of the disease. We retrospectively reviewed 108 DTC patients affected by locally advanced thyroid carcinoma (77 females, 31 males) (49±15 years), in order to evaluate validate known prognostic factors that enable them to be recognised as having a low or a high risk of...

ea0026p288 | Pituitary | ECE2011

Pegvisomant therapy in acromegaly: a multicenter observational study

Bianchi A , Tilaro L , Valentini F , Gargiulo P , Poggi M , Baldelli R , Passeri M , De Marinis L

Patients with acromegaly resistant to conventional drug treatment currently can advantage with GH-receptor antagonist pegvisomant. To date, at doses up to 40 mg/day, it is capable of normalizing circulating IGF1 in until 97% of patients. Here we present the multicenter experience in Rome with Pegvisomant as a therapeutic option in acromegaly. This is an observational study including a total of 61 patients (21 males and 40 females) treated with pegvisomant for up to 7 years. Of...

ea0014p606 | (1) | ECE2007

Validation of different insulin sensitivity indices in GH deficiency children using roc curve analysis

Baldelli R , Bellone S , Corneli G , Giampietro A , Cimino V , Pontecorvi A , De Marinis L , Bona G

Insulin sensitivity in GHD patients tends to decrease with age and variations in body composition. Several indices of insulin sensitivity have been considered and among these HOMA, ISI and QUICKI are based on mathematical calculations taking into account glucose and/or insulin levels either in basal conditions or after OGTT. Aim of present study was to validate the different indices in a population of pre-pubertal GHD children (n=66) by ROC curve analysis. All patients ...

ea0014p607 | (1) | ECE2007

The transition phase in GHD patients and metabolic alterations: life span variations of insulin sensitivity?

Baldelli R , Bellone S , Gorneli G , Bellone J , Petri A , Vannelli S , De Sanctis C , Benso L , Bona G , Aimaretti G

GH has well documented insulin antagonistic effects. By inference, GHD may be expected to result in increased insulin sensitivity. Young GHD children have a tendency to both fasting and readly provoked hypoglycaemia probably resulting from impaired hormonale counter-regolation. Increased insulin sensitivity could also contribute to their hypoglycaemia; however, this has not been directly demonstrated. Interestingly, susceptibility to hypoglycaemia in GHD children diminishes wi...

ea0011p630 | Neuroendocrinology and behaviour | ECE2006

Microalbuminuria as well as insulin sensitivity are improved under octreotide-lar treatment in acromegalic patients

Baldelli R , Gasco V , Pivonello R , Bianchi A , Cimino V , Galenca F , Pontecorvi A , Lombardi G , Ghigo E , Colao A , De Marinis L , Grottoli S

High risk of impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes mellitus is frequently observed in acromegalic patients. Some studies have reported a direct correlation between circulating GH levels and the degree of glucose intolerance. Microalbuminuria clusters with the metabolic syndrome and both conditions predict cardiovascular disease mortality. The reported relationships of microalbuminuria with the individual components of the metabolic syndrome are variable. Aim of this prelimin...

ea0014p608 | (1) | ECE2007

Growth hormone deficiency in succesfully treated acromegalic patients is not protective from cardiac complications

Baldelli R , Di Somma C , Ambrosio M , Bianchi A , Pivonello R , Gasco V , Maffei P , Appetecchia M , Sicolo N , degli Uberti E , De Marinis L , Grottoli S , Colao A , Ghigo E

GH hypersection results in biventricular concentric hypertrophy and a progressive contractile impairment whereas cardiac hypotrophy and impaired diastolic filling and left ventricular function have been reported in GH deficiency (GHD). No information on cardiac performances and structure are available about those acromegalic patients in whom successful treatment made their GH and IGF-I secretion similar to those in GHD patients. In order to study the functional and structural ...