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ea0013p296 | Thyroid | SFEBES2007

Removal of tick box for TFT in pathology request forms reduces TFT performed during acute medical admission

Piya Milan , Belbase Biparna , Karki-Thapa Meenakshi , Baxter Susan , Myers M , Koppada A , Rajbhandari Satyan Man

Joint UK guideline (2006) recommends that routine testing of thyroid function (TFT) in patients admitted acutely to hospital is not warranted unless specific clinical indications exist. Despite this, TFT is frequently requested during acute medical admission. In our previous audit in 2002, during a 1 month period from 18th September, 458 subjects were admitted to medical assessment unit (MAU) and 183 (40%) were offered TFT. 39 (29%) results were beyond the laboratory reference...