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ea0029p426 | Clinical case reports - Thyroid/Others | ICEECE2012

Successful pregnancy in a patient with biologically inactive LH or partial LHCGR resistance

Rao P. , Straffen A. , Skull J. , Jones H.

Introduction: LH resistance is very rare and there are only a few case reports in the literature. We describe a patient who presented to us with secondary amenorrhea and very high isolated LH levels who subsequently had a successful pregnancy with IVF.Case report: A 16 year old girl was referred to us to investigate the cause of her oligomenhorrea. She had attained menarche at the age of 13 and had only 5 periods in 3 years. She had no symptoms/signs of ...

ea0019p347 | Thyroid | SFEBES2009

Misdiagnosed thyrotoxicosis

Erukulapati Ravi Sankar , Mada S , Rao P , Ashwell Simon

Case report: A 76-year-old lady was referred to our Endocrinology department due to general malaise and abnormal thyroid function tests: TSH 1.1 (0.3–4.2) mU/l, fT4 30.6 (12.0–23.0) pmol/l, fT3 8.3 (4.0–7.8) pmol/l. She had received 131I twice, 16 and 36 years previously, at different hospitals for presumed thyrotoxicosis. She was clinically euthyroid and had a small diffuse goitre.Repeat thyroid function t...

ea0019p188 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | SFEBES2009

Perioperative stabilization of hyperparathyroidism with cinacalcet

Balakrishna P Rao , Robinson A , Hargreaves S , Yeung G , Selby P , Palin S

Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHP) can be isolated or a part of MEN especially in the younger patient. We report a 20-year lady presenting in early July-08 with vomiting, abdominal pain and general ill-health. On admission she was pale and dehydrated, with Hb 10.1 g/dl, urea 9.1 mmol/l, creatinine 105 μmol/l, alkaline phosphatase 1568 μ/l (30–130 μ/l) and adjusted calcium 3.92 mmol/l. Her sister reportedly has been investigated in a different hospital for PH...

ea0019p226 | Pituitary | SFEBES2009

Metastatic renal cell carcinoma masquerading as a vascular pituitary tumour

Sankar Erukulapati Ravi , Kane P , Mada S , Padmanabhan R , Rao P , Nag S

Introduction: Metastases to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland account for 1–2% of sella masses. The primary malignancy may be occult at the time of diagnosis and metastatic lesions are often detected incidentally. We present a case of metastatic renal cell carcinoma presenting as a vascular pituitary tumour.Case history: A 68-year-old lady presented with headaches and diplopia secondary to right abducent nerve palsy. CT Angiography revealed an in...

ea0019p228 | Pituitary | SFEBES2009

Severe acute psychosis precipitated by replacement dose hydrocortisone in newly diagnosed panhypopituitarism

Mada S , Palmer C C , Mhando Y , Rao P , Erukulapati R , Nag S

Introduction: Psychiatric disturbance is a recognised complication of glucocorticoid therapy. Patients on a daily dose of 40 mg of prednisolone or its equivalent are at risk of developing steroid psychosis. Psychotic reactions with replacement doses of glucocorticoid are uncommon. We describe a patient with newly diagnosed hypopituitarism who developed severe steroid induced psychosis with low dose hydrocortisone.Case report: A 72-year-old lady presented...

ea0009oc40 | Oral Communication 5: Thyroid | BES2005

Development of novel thyroid stimulating monoclonal antibodies from an experimental model with potencies equivalent to those in Graves' disease patients, including full agonistic activity but also differential blocking properties

Gilbert J , Rao P , Salehi S , Gora M , McGregor A , Banga J

In Graves' disease (GD), it is recognised that isolation of the rare pathogenic autoantibodies that stimulate the thyrotropin receptor (TSHR) would assist in understanding disease pathogenesis. To date, monoclonal antibodies (mabs) to the TSHR with thyroid stimulating activity (TSAbs) have been isolated from experimental models of GD which are 100 fold weaker than the reported single human mab with strong TSAb activity. We describe two novel IgG mabs from a murine model of GD ...